Adelaide Hills

Mum and I took Coco and cousin Ada to the Adelaide Hills last week to check in on my Granny. It’s been just over three months since my Gramps died so we thought a visit with her only great-granddaughters would bring some extra cheer. It was very special. We strolled (Coco whirled) through Hahndorf and tried to nab as much ‘Otto branded’ paraphernalia as we could at Otto’s Bakery. And just once I’d like a decent photo with my daughter. Just once I ask ya!Lots of fun at a family bonfire at my Aunty’s house. And look at my gorgeous Cousin Gen! Ah glorious youth…sigh. Mum was going to have a haircut but because she’s incredibly cool she let Coco have a hack at it first. Completely fraught with danger but very hilarious.And we went to visit Gramps. The girls ran around trying to pinch the plastic flowers that decorated the other graves, said funny little prayers, skipped and played chasey. It took the edge off would have been an otherwise sombre visit. Such funny, sweet, goofy girls.
I’ve got lots of work to catch up on now that we’re back. And Andy left yesterday for Botswana again. And school holidays start next week. And Otto turns ten at the end of this month and wants a cake shaped like a tram! Wish me luck….


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