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Finally a look at the hot balloons I’ve been working on. I am very proud to be debuting them at the Craft Hatch market this Saturday. I’m taking quite a few with me in different colors, fabrics and sizes. They sure have come a long way from these ones. Dodgy football squishy oval things that they were.
As always I am equal parts excited and nervous about putting my self and my work out there. Fortunately for me, being dark skinned conceals the beetroot red of embarrassment I always feel when I have new things to show. I can blush profusely and no-one will ever know! Ha!
In other news, the seriously lovely Kim from the Craft Victoria blog interviewed me last week and the whole thing plus pics of how/where I work is on the blog here. I am also stocked at Counter now too. I feel very honored to be associated with this supportive and esteemed establishment. They do so much good for contemporary craft and Victorian artists.
And in other other news, Andy is in South Africa for work (bet you didn’t see that one coming eh?!) and with the market, orders, work at the shop and the demands of single parent-ness kicking in (he left last Saturday and won’t be home for 10 days) I’m feeling the pressure of life so it’s head down, bottom up, sink or swim etc etc…hopefully see you next week x

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  1. They are just spectacular. Stand tall and proud, no need to be blushing with embaressment about them, blush with pride because they are so dam cute!!!

  2. Oh Amanda! and Captain!
    You ladies are so lovely. Thank you for these very kind words. I will put them in my pocket and whip them out when I’m doing my head- down-side-to-side-shuffle behind my market stand on Saturday xx

  3. They are breathtaking, yes indeedy! When will they be going in the etsy shop?? I hope the 10 crazy busy Andy-less days fly on by too. Lucky that you’re obviously a bit of a (dare I say it) super woman! Kellie xx

  4. Thanks so much Kellie! They will be on etsy in a couple of weeks…
    And my mum is coming over from Hobart to help me over the next few days. Yes I do run a tight ship (!) but the logistics of this week was beyond me. I want my muuuuummmmm!!!
    Oh and I have tonsillitis now so maybe a sign that I need to actually slow the heck down.

  5. Those balloons are too beautiful …
    Oh look I can’t resist – “You people don’t burn … oh I mean blush”. xx

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