I’m baaaaa-accck!

If you’re a regular reader (and really, why wouldn’t you be) you might have noticed that the blog has been all crazy-town up in your face. Fingers crossed it is now fixed and a big thank you for being so patient with all the drama. Honestly it has been a technological nightmare. Posts appearing, disappearing then appearing. Not to mention behind the scenes, emails have been arriving in my inbox sporadically, or the same ones are downloaded twenty times whilst important ones have gone missing.
Which at this point I should say that if you have been waiting on a reply from me regarding custom orders/hankey blankeys etc please do get in touch. I have lost all of my emails from January and therefore unable to reach the lovely people I promised I would send images to of the new blankets prior to them hitting my etsy shop. Please get in touch!
Andy and I are definitely not into naming and shaming but he had a few choice words to say on twitter about the lack of help/interest from the new server. Humph. He has spent so much time trying to fix it himself poor thing. Suffice to say we are no longer with that server. Hopefully things will normalise over the next few days and I can bombard you with all the posts I’ve been writing and saving. February is turning into a huge month mosey-wise and personally.In the meantime here are some pictures from my weekend away to Brisbane visiting my oldest, dearest friend Peta and her family and celebrating little Greta’s christening. Coco took a shine to cute-as-pie Archie and then at times attempted to give him a shine-er. They were the best of friends one minute and the worst of enemies the next. Kids! Ha!Meanwhile Peta and I caught up over chip sandwiches (so good) and a midnight session of looking up old boyfriends on Facebook (so bad).I made her a patchwork heart as a christening gift. I think she liked it! Yeah!
Getting away can be such antidote to feeling down. The trip was just what I needed after such a dumbo month.
This month, however, is proving to be a corker though. So many exciting things happening work wise and for the first time this year I feel as though I’m getting my groove back. Yep, they’re playing my song and it may just have a whistle in it.

4 Responses to I’m baaaaa-accck!

  1. hiya!
    thank HELL you’re back. i have my days off now and well, i need you to be updating regularly.
    look at coco reeling arch in for the kiss!
    ps – chip sandwich. yum.

  2. Well obviously I love those photos as I love those cute kids … but i also love the water bottles in the kissing shots!!!

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