Happy New Year!
I must admit I’m feeling decidedly strange and a little off track. Just. Can’t. Get. Cracking.
Our road trip was incredibly disappointing due to a bout of such severe tonsillitis that I ended up in Merimbula District Hospital emergency department on New Years Day. That was fun. We then decided to cut our trip short and head straight to Sydney where fun thing number two happened. Andy was diagnosed with tonsillitis. So whilst the kids did have (actual, not sarcastic) fun in Sydney (lots of beach, playing, gelati and hanging out with our really good friends who fortunately picked up the slack for us during the times when we just couldn’t), it wasn’t the camping, relaxing, close to nature holiday we anticipated. The tent didn’t even get opened! And now, after being home for just over 3 days I’m still dragging my feet all over the place. This is not good. I have plenty to get on with but all I see when I look around is mess and stuff and after staying with friends who have the most beautiful, light filled, gorgeous place, I am once again reminded how much I want to get out of our house.I have some great things to look forward to mosey-wise this year and I had some lovely magazine press over the past few weeks, with more to come, but somehow getting back to work when you haven’t had a proper break feels abit rubbish.
I’m complaining and I realize I have a bad attitude but I feel blah and despite my best efforts to be upbeat about 2012, I’m just not feeling it. Yet.AAAAAAAANYway….there are very few photos to share (enjoy the mish mash above). When I wasn’t sleeping I was grumpy and had little desire to document anything. We did go to a friends wedding whilst in Sydney, with our trusty lomo camera and Andy’s getting the film developed this week so maybe just maybe I can redeem myself and make my second post of 2012 more positive. Sigh.

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  1. No no no no no! I’m so sorry to hear this! No wonder you feel like you can’t get started on this year when you had holiday rudely and unforgivable ruined by a painful and horrible illness! I suppose, on the positive side of things ….. the year can only improve from here, right? Kellie xx PS So sorry I missed seeing you in Sydney. Even more so after reading this. PPS Otto – can we swap pins? Please!

  2. oh dear lady, what terrible news. I’m so sorry to hear you guys didn’t get much of your well deserved break…Thank goodness Co’s bandana got some photos! If it makes you feel better we missed xmas and new years entirely, vomit from 2am to 4pm Xmas Day from the little guy, then we both caught it just in time for new years! Bit ho hum in our house too. I totally understand! See you soon please. xx

  3. I just saw this. How horrible! I hope that was the last bout of tonsilitis?? I’m sorry you had such a shitty break. If you can even call it a ‘break’?? We bought a couple of things in the same pattern as Coco’s scarf. Too cute!

    You were in Manly by the looks of those water jet thingys. That’s where we used to live before we packed up our life and headed north. I miss that sweet place.. xxx

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