MBM_HankeyBalls_2When it comes to my top twenty frustrations, computers are high on the list. This may come as a no surprise to people who know how utterly hopeless I am on one and the phrase ‘conquer your fears’ has be offered up a number of times to counter the look of sheer panic that crosses my face whenever the ‘c’ word is mentioned. I know this fear and frustration comes from being completely computer illiterate but you know what, I’d just rather be sewing.
Having a an online store has meant I’ve had to step up and pay attention. Andy is a patient teacher to a point. Unfortunately I push him up and over that point on a regular basis. I don’t mean to, promise! As someone who has patience and focus in spades, my eyes, without fail, will glaze over whenever Andy starts explaining the behind the scenes goings on of wordpress. I know I’m going to pay later, yet that doesn’t stop me from tuning out EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Holler back if you’re with me. Also suggestions welcome.
With this in mind, I do admit I am now capable of loading products into my shop, updating stock and managing orders. Where I’ve stumbled lately is adjusting shipping costs as I start to add products that don’t fit my standard $10 shipping flat fee and the Hankey Balls have been one such product. In this case though Andy has also been baffled (I know. What chance did I have honestly?) so we have had to call in outside help and in the next few weeks the site will have to be updated in order to add in a new program that will allow me to adjust shipping, but in the meantime I have the most beautiful jingly balls, made from Australiana souvenir Handkerchiefs and they are just calling out to all the babies of the world ‘play with me! squish and throw me!’ and to be honest, I am sick of listening to the shrieking that is coming from their basket in the corner of my studio.MBM_HankeyBalls_4
So I’ve added them to the store and how the shipping works is as follows:
The balls are $20 with a shipping price of $5 (so $25 in total) but in order to sell them via my online store I have to charge the current inflexible rate of $10 shipping.
So I have adjusted the price of the ball to be $15 so when you check out and the shipping of $10 is added it comes to the $25 total that they will be when we update the site.

Does this make sense? I truly hope so and please do email me with any problems that you have processing orders. I’m Andy’s here to help!

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