The Block 2012

You know how I mentioned back here that I wasn’t really cool with Otto watching reality tv? Well, I broke my ban last night and not only let Otto watch but Coco stayed up late watching too.
Reality tv’s ok with me when the reality is that one of the contestants on this years ‘The Block‘ went ahead and bought some balloons, bunting and a Hankey Blankey from my shop to use in her WINNING children’s room!The excitement of seeing all these things that I make by hand, up on the tv screen, was almost too much to bare. I shrieked my head off because quite frankly, despite wanting to be all aloof and whatevs about it, I’m actually incredibly uncool and couldn’t hold it together even if I tried. And then my phone started to go a little crazy and all my family and friends who were glued to the screen waiting and watching started sending me high fives and that just got me even more excited.
The best part was that my fifteen minutes of fame was happening from the comfort of my sofa, dressed in my pj’s, whilst eating peppermint choc chip ice-cream with my kids. Unreal!
Thanks Dale and Sophie. It was a fabulous room and I am forever grateful that you sought me (and other great Melbourne labels) out and decided to support handmade and local design. We’ll all be cheering for you this Sunday night.

Oh and as if you haven’t had enough of the Sargent family talking about themselves….look who’s over here today!

10 Responses to The Block 2012

  1. I haven’t watched the block but for some unknown reason I taped last night because the promo sucked me in. Have just boiled the kettle and about to watch so I can belatedly cheer my head of for you. What a superstar you are. And Andy too. Dynamic duo!

  2. Wowzers, that’s ace, both of you! Wish I had been watching. So pleased everything is going so well for you all xxx

  3. I”ve only just started watching the block in the past week, but I didn’t see this!! I must have gone out of the room or something…. HUGELY exciting for you:)

  4. That is fantastic for you. I looove your balloons and the hanky blankey. Sophie is very clever the way she puts together the kid’s rooms and I love her style. All the best to you, I think you are going to be highly sought after.

  5. Hi Madeleine, I’ve bought a set of balloons and 2 mobiles from you for my daughter Leilani. I was so excited to see that some of your beautiful handiwork had been used in Dale and Sophie’s room. It made the room!

  6. Mads you are adorable! And that is awesome. You deserve so, so many accolades. Many more to come I’ve no doubt! Kellie xx

  7. I saw them straight away and was trying to tell my husband why that was so cool!!! Well done! What a coup! Best of luck I bet there will be so many people looking for Made By Mosey now!

  8. I’m so out of the Aussie TV loop but this looks pretty awesome. Well done Mads. You totally deserve it. xx

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