I’m incredibly excited to be going live with my new range today! This one has been a long time coming but has been the one I’ve thought hardest about. The result is a mix of decorative fabric products in strong punchy brights and bold black and white contrast. Cushions, garlands, diamonds and blankets all united by a common geometric aesthetic. I know a lot of you have been watching the



These plush arrows came about after Coco asked me to whip her one up to cuddle one evening. Go figure. Her version is much different to the final version and I must admit it took a little while to get these ‘just so’. One minute I was minding my own business and the next I was filling the studio in an arrow-induced frenzy but none of the shapes and sizes

Fruit Cushions


With an insatiable need to patchwork any and everything, I decided one day that fruit was on the hit list. I’d already dabbled in plush pineapples, but after some thought I knew I had an apple, pear, strawberry, watermelon and banana hiding somewhere inside of me. After patch-working up a strawberry for a friend that had just had a baby girl, I got cracking on the fruit bowl. However halfway

SALE and saying goodbye to some old friends

If you follow me on instagram you’ll see that I’ve been trying out some new things. So in order to make room for those new things and keep things fresh for me and for you, I’ve decided to discontinue some products. That’s right, the Hot Air Balloons and Dreamers are coming to the end, so they’re all on sale for the next couple of weeks, or until sold out and

NBA Allstar Colab


Less than two weeks ago, my husband came home to me with a proposition. Interpret his studio’s Nike NBA All Star design work into a quilt. This years event is taking place in New Orleans and deep south quilting vibes are referenced extensively throughout the imagery and footwear. I took on the project with my usual gusto-mixed-with-anxiety and crossed fingers I could pull it off. I believe I did…and if