Camp Sargent

We’ve been camping for the last few days and despite it being er, winter, it was nothing less than a tremendous success. We have been camping before but not at this place. There is nothing there. No electricity, no shower, no internet coverage…and I’ve never felt so happy in all my life. It’s nice to have to wait for things sometimes. Wait to get warm, wait to boil the water for a cup of tea. Slow down stop and see things that you didn’t before. So good for children to learn this too in our super charged world. And they slid into feral, bush wee, dirty fingernail camp life with such ease…who knew? I can’t even describe how happy they were. And seeing them both so happy took me to some sort of next level ecstasy. They leapt around getting filthy, toasting marshmallows for breakfast, roasting potatoes in the hot coals, staying up, sleeping in, throwing rocks into the river and generally hanging about shooting the breeze.
Andy helped them make bow and arrows and rope swings and one afternoon we all climbed a huge mountain top, from which we could see snow on Mt Buller, wallabies, kookaburras and lorikeets. Nice work nature.
Otto wowed us with a most excellent fireworks display each evening and Coco made impressive mud pies, the perfect pre-lunch aperitif. We spent three nights in the hills, zipping out only once to stock up on handmade fudge, local wine and strawberries (just the essentials really) at the Mansfield weekend market. Our phones stayed off, we left our watches behind and with no distractions for any of us we were able to completely relax. Admittedly it was nice coming home to big hot bubble baths and a meal that didn’t involve sausages, but a little part of me is wishing we were still there.

6 Responses to Camp Sargent

  1. Jealous!! I love that I can check in from Obart and feel like you are just around the corner. Thanks for my mosey fix xxx

  2. Mads, this looks like heaven! Albeit a bit colder ;)

    So glad you guys had a great time, it’s so good to stop and turn off every now and then. Gorgeous pictures. xxx

    ps. i’m reading a book at the moment about The Simplicity Circle, about living simply, consuming less and being happier. Looking at your pics almost made me cry!

  3. Oh my god, you make me want to pack it up in the city and head to the hills! I’ve never been a massive camping fan, but getting away from technology and all the whiz bang we have now is such a great thing to do. How fun for the kids! xx

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