Camping, Blogging and Instagram

Last weekend we went camping at Cape Otway. We were escaping the relentless Melbourne heat and craving a little time together, just the four of us, after Andy’s epic trip to the US two weeks prior. This was the first time we’ve camped beachside and it was really great. Whole days spent on the beach, salty skin, sand between our toes, cool night sea breezes and hot chips. We swam and swam and swam and Coco (who sees a blank canvas wherever she goes) drew and drew and drew. I dusted off my camera after what seems like eons. I missed it. It was so nice to snap a little more thoughtfully thanĀ  I do when I use my phone. You see somehow in the move off the dining table and into my studio, I’ve taken very few photos and blogged far less. I’ve thought about why and come to the realisation that I actually used to spend a lot of time on my work days on the computer. It was right there, bright light winking at me like the minx it can be. I’d blog and then visit blogs and follow a never-ending trail of links, until suddenly an hour or two had past and it was time to pick up the kids. But it was ok (ish…it just meant I had to sew after the kids had gone to bed) because blogging was something I enjoyed doing and found pleasure in tending to my tiny corner of the interwebs. I also enjoyed the community vibe and general camaraderie and of course the chance to document and diary the building of my business and adventures with my family.

If I thought the computer was a tempting minx then instagram ONMYPHONE was an outright hussy. Otto hooked me up and like that *snaps fingers* I fell victim to the photos, all the pretty photos. It was everything I loved about blogs and blogging but totally bitesize and manageable. So with a studio that is computer free (I have an ipad but I’m very strict about only using that for emails and checking addresses for orders) and more work than I’ve ever had in the history of mosey, instagram is a way I can check in on some of my favourite people (whose blogs I love but barely have time to read anymore), discover some new favourite people and have some photo fun myself. Instagram suits me right now because I’m just not near a computer like I used to be, which is a good thing for the amount of work I seem to now be getting done but if I want a little inspiration/distraction of the micro kind, I whip out my phone and there it all is.
Funny thing though is that as we emerged from the campsite, the salty, feral family we’d happily become and re-entered civilisation, i.e crossed the border of no mobile phone coverage to full mobile phone coverage, I spent the very slow car trip home (bumper to bumper long weekend traffic) reading blogs. Catching up on so many made me realise that I still craved the words and I still had some words of my own to share.
I will be back here more often, promise, but if I’m not, one guess for where you will most definitely find me…

2 Responses to Camping, Blogging and Instagram

  1. The last post I wrote on my blog some many moons ago was about that exact topic – IG has ruined me for blogging!

    I do think the tide is turning on the blog world and many formerly prolific bloggers are turning toward a quality-not-quantity posting schedule. So don’t feel too bad. I still heart your blog, whenever you choose to post!

  2. Love the Instagram too! It’s making me blog more thoughtfully, like Tess said. I’m blogging less personal things and more ‘professional’ stuff… but just less overall. But not sweating it!

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