I am still very much feeling like I am on holiday. This is probably due to the fact that despite having a lot of work to actually do, it is near impossible to get anything done around the children. I feel in limbo but it doesn’t feel bad. School goes back very soon and before I know it I will have five days a week on my hands. As of

Happy Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!


Don’t you just love that poem? We have been on a Christmas reading story frenzy around here. Also baking, ginger bread house icing (pure renovator’s delight), wrapping and getting ready for our annual Sargent family road trip. My friend Kellie was talking about her childhood road trips, (which you should read btw, so cute and funny!) and it made me think about ours when I was young. We use to

Weekend things


It was a huge weekend for us that involved lots of friends and family and a lot of back and forth to the city. I have to say though I didn’t mind. I find Melbourne such an easy place to live and it wasn’t for chaotic department store shopping, it was for Otto’s Christmas concerts at Federation Square. He’s been singing with these lovely little fellows for a couple of

Epic Fail


Here I was all chirpy and happy thinking ‘Great! Only 5 entries, (one of whom was my Mum!) that means I can send something to everyone!’ This was until Otto came up to me, with a cheeky spark in his eye and said, with a mock-consoling hand on my shoulder, ‘Oh Ma. 5 entries? Are you cereal? Epic fail.’ Sheesh….it seems my loser giveaway has yielded such a tiny response,

Great (and quick) Stocking Giveaway!


I have a huge ‘things in progress’ basket, full of just started, near completed and half un-picked items. When I have an idea I have to start making it straight away which is good and bad. Good because I can usually tell about halfway in or not whether it’s a keeper. Bad because I often get ideas at 11pm and that is really no time to be up starting new