SALE and saying goodbye to some old friends

If you follow me on instagram you’ll see that I’ve been trying out some new things. So in order to make room for those new things and keep things fresh for me and for you, I’ve decided to discontinue some products. That’s right, the Hot Air Balloons and Dreamers are coming to the end, so they’re all on sale for the next couple of weeks, or until sold out and

Christmas Sale!


I’m shutting up the shop soon for the Christmas holidays. I need to put my feet and hands up…maybe not at the same time, because otherwise, awkward. And to say thanks for the incredible year I’ve had I’d like to go out with a festive bang and offer you all 20% off everything for the next 7 days! (Sale terms and conditions below) After which time I will be shutting

One Million Star Project and save the date: 26th OCTOBER 1- 3pm

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 2.11.17 PM

It’s no secret that I am slightly obsessed with my beautiful friend Maryann Talia Pau. I mean really. Have you seen her? I think it’s actually a crime that someone so kind, generous, warm, enthusiastic and talented should also be crazy funny and freaking beautiful too! NOT FAIR NOT FAIR *stamps feet and then lays on floor screaming toddler style* So I decided the next best thing to actually being

Horse’s Birthday


Another side project has been on the boil recently. Megan Morton has gathered a group of seriously talented creatives for her Horse’s Birthday Fete and somewhat incredulously I am on the list! Serious pinch myself stuff.

Fan mail and pineapples


I’m not really sure where to begin this story, but I suppose from the start makes the most sense. Last week during the excitement of the really very amazing Megan Morton bringing her School to Melbourne, I was inspired to make her something, fan mail of the fabric variety. I don’t know what came over me, I can actually be very awkward and shy and easily overwhelmed by ‘things, but

Merry Christmas Sale!


Things have been good for me this year so I’d like to share the love and offer 20% of everything in the store from tomorrow Wednesday 5th until Saturday 8th Dec! A few things you should know about the sale though… – There will be no exchanges or returns on items bought during the sale unless faulty – All items bought during the sale period will be sent during the

The Design Files Open House 2012


After last years phenomenal success, TDFOH is back and I’ve been invited to be involved again. Lucky me! If you don’t know what it is, Lucy describes it best here. It’s a blog come to life in the best possible way. Amongst other things, I’ll be making some special limited edition Dreamer mobiles in previously unseen colour ways. Oooo previously unseen… So put the dates in your diary friends and



Ok lets talk shop. To thank you all for being so patient and hanging in there whilst I said new website ‘comingsooncomingsooncomingsoon’ I am having an opening week sale! Everything is 20% off until midnight Sunday the 26th August. A few things you should know about the sale though… – There will be no exchanges or returns on items bought during the sale unless faulty – I pride myself on

The Block 2012

Screen Shot 2012-06-28 at 10.07.29 PM

You know how I mentioned back here that I wasn’t really cool with Otto watching reality tv? Well, I broke my ban last night and not only let Otto watch but Coco stayed up late watching too. Reality tv’s ok with me when the reality is that one of the contestants on this years ‘The Block‘ went ahead and bought some balloons, bunting and a Hankey Blankey from my shop



What a jam packed weekend, absolutely choc full of goodness. However, I am almost voiceless and more than a little weary after the past month which was then punctuated by this gobsmacker of a weekend. I tried to keep Coco’s party fairly stress free, yes I did some baking and made Coco butterfly wings but those are things I love doing and find relaxing and wherever I could I included

Please change


So much good stuff is going on at the moment I’m happy to say. Work wise…..orders are being dispatched (meaning I am dragging large boxes down to the post office), emails are being answered (mostly) and I have pinned down an evening with Andy to re-do¬† my website and blog. Also feeling pretty darn excited about the opportunity to do a window at Craft Victoria in May. Being invited to

Design Files Open House

Screen shot 2011-12-02 at 4.19.56 PM

Yep. It’s getting a lot of press and rightly so. It’s so gorgeous, such a lovely space filled to the brim with great things. Including Lucy’s sweet and smiling staff all polkadot-ty and cute. Having work included in the Open House has been cool. Although entering the kids space was a little nerve wracking as I didn’t quite know what to expect. Thankfully I saw a whole bunch of pretty

Craft Victoria


Finally a look at the hot balloons I’ve been working on. I am very proud to be debuting them at the Craft Hatch market this Saturday. I’m taking quite a few with me in different colors, fabrics and sizes. They sure have come a long way from these ones. Dodgy football squishy oval things that they were. As always I am equal parts excited and nervous about putting my self

I’m baaaaa-accck!


If you’re a regular reader (and really, why wouldn’t you be) you might have noticed that the blog has been all crazy-town up in your face. Fingers crossed it is now fixed and a big thank you for being so patient with all the drama. Honestly it has been a technological nightmare. Posts appearing, disappearing then appearing. Not to mention behind the scenes, emails have been arriving in my inbox

And the winner is….


Thank you all SO very much for your lovely comments, beautiful and kind comments, comments that made me feel like you were all my mates and that you should all come round and have a glass of wine and a chat and….well, you get the picture. It was so hard only being able to draw out one winner as I really want to give you all a little something. Sigh…I’ll

Counting my blessings and a thankyou GIVEAWAY!!


One minute you’re sailing along, laughing at your basket wearing daughter and the next thing you know something terrible happens and you’re wanting to curl up in said basket. Andy was sick a couple of weeks ago. Like really sick. Like emergency hospital, tears and bedside vigils. The scary part is over and full diagnosis is still pending but for all intents and purposes he is better and back to

Bike Fest 2010


We had fun today. We spent the morning hanging about at home, playing, baking, a little spring cleaning whilst it poured outside. Melbourne weather…bah! In the afternoon we headed into the city for the last day of Bike Fest. So cool. Lots of bike related goodness, Craft Hatch had a market on, a bar, music and one of the coolest little ladies I know selling these great handmade badges at



Last Friday evening was Otto’s school fete. It was country themed and so much fun. Scarecrows and pony rides, toffee apples and preserves, second hand books, sausages in bread, cowboy costume competitions and of course a craft stall that I was happy to help with for the second year in a row, because obviously I love me some craft. And I also have a hard time saying no.

Craft Hatch


Craft Hatch was a couple of Saturdays ago now (I know, I know bad blogger, bad) and it was ace. Such a contrast from the last market I participated in! Not that I didn’t enjoy the Finders Keepers, I really did. They were just totally different experiences. Craft Hatch was organised by the very extremely lovely Kim Brockett from Craft Victoria and it was a pleasure to be a part

The Design Files….again

Gosh, I’m beginning to feel like a serial lurker on The Design Files! Anyway, head over if you wish and check out a little feature on me….only if you’re not sick of me already! I’m very excited about The Craft Hatch market on October 23rd. I have a stall beside some seriously talented peeps. The line up is impressive and once again I am confounded by the amount of creativity

It’s a wrap!


What a crazy-town weekend I’ve had! It’s taken me 3 full days and nights to recover. I also had some serious book reading, lego playing, guitar listening, dancing and scooting to catch up on with the kids. Otto has told me to NEVER do another Finders Keepers again! Advice that I will keep in mind next time I commit to something so all consuming when I have a million other

To market, to market.

Madeleine: Darling I’m nervous about tomorrow.. Andy: In my opinion this experience is all just part of the fabric of life… Madeleine: Stop needleing me darling, you know I’m tired Andy: I’m not! When will you cotton on to the fact that I’m just sew proud of you! Madeleine: You’re crazy… Andy: ….and you’re just hanging on by a thread… Madeleine: Wah! Andy: A little Scissor Sisters to lift your

Groundhog Day


I’ve been absent, I know. Things have been busy around here, which I realise I am always saying. But they have and sometimes I just can’t keep up! I want to share all sorts of good news with you, new work and new adventures but nothing is confirmed, everything is pending and without these bits and pieces to share I am just doing the same thing over and over and

Get Lost, Find Something


More Hendo…..I know. But really, too much Hendo is never enough. Just so happens that he is having his first ever solo exhibition this Thursday 29th April. He has painted almost 300 owls and I know they’re all going to look beautiful. So if you’re in Melbourne, head down to Gorker Gallery and behold the epic-ness!!

And the winner is…..

After a super technological random selection process (ie. I wrote all the names down on bits of paper and drew one out of a hat), I have a winner and that is….JANELLE Hooray for you! Your bunting is on it’s way as soon as I know which one you would like and where to send it. Please email me at Thanks everyone for entering and for all your lovely

Thankyou Giveaway!!


Looking at my busted up digits the other day, I wished I had beautiful soft hands, long sculpted nails and smooth cuticles. Love me a smooth cuticle. Seriously. Then I realised the state of my hands is an occupational health and safety side effect. Call the union! If you sew daily you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. If you don’t then picture this. Short, stubby nails, little scars from

Handmade in Melbourne


Ok so it’s old news now, but a few months back I was thrilled and humbled to be included in Handmade in Melbourne. A book profiling a bunch of amazing Melbourne crafts people, artists and designers. Thanks to those who came along to the launch at Readings Hawthorn and took part in my little how-to session. Fun.