School days


I’d be lying if I said my studio was perfect. It’s not. There are a number of things, had I had more time to search and more money to spend on rent that I would have held out for. But all of these things are obliterated by the fact that the distance from the children’s school to my studio is a minute away. In fact I would go as far

Camping, Blogging and Instagram


Last weekend we went camping at Cape Otway. We were escaping the relentless Melbourne heat and craving a little time together, just the four of us, after Andy’s epic trip to the US two weeks prior. This was the first time we’ve camped beachside and it was really great. Whole days spent on the beach, salty skin, sand between our toes, cool night sea breezes and hot chips.


Screen Shot 2013-02-24 at 6.26.33 PM

So I’ve mentioned here before how my siblings are all pretty excellent. All doing creative, interesting things but I wanted to talk about my youngest baby sister today because she needs your help. Yes you! Zindzi Okenyo is a talented lass. Kind of a triple threat…actor, singer and photographer. Youch. She’s always sung, but now she, her band and creative team are hoping to release a single and she needs



I am still very much feeling like I am on holiday. This is probably due to the fact that despite having a lot of work to actually do, it is near impossible to get anything done around the children. I feel in limbo but it doesn’t feel bad. School goes back very soon and before I know it I will have five days a week on my hands. As of



It’s been…a week. I’ve had better but in many ways I got lots done. I know, confusing right. I think Andy being in Botswana added the ‘sheesh’ to the week. As in ‘full time working and solo parenting 24 hours a day, 8 days straight at the busiest time of the year? Sheesh!’

Adelaide Hills


Mum and I took Coco and cousin Ada to the Adelaide Hills last week to check in on my Granny. It’s been just over three months since my Gramps died so we thought a visit with her only great-granddaughters would bring some extra cheer. It was very special. 

Gumboots and Gramps


My grandfather died last Friday afternoon. He lived a good long life and had been bed-ridden for almost six years, but he was and still is, in my heart, the most wonderful Gramps. Kind, generous, patient, tall and handsome. The grief I feel is that low, deep, hurting kind. One of my fondest memories of my Gramps (there are many, so very many) are those of the outdoor, gumboot wearing



That 15 minutes of fame of last week sure took it’s toll on us. We had to get out of town, you know, escape the media scrutiny, the hounding paparazzi. Now I know exactly how Lady Gaga feels. Exactly.

Camp Sargent


We’ve been camping for the last few days and despite it being er, winter, it was nothing less than a tremendous success. We have been camping before but not at this place. There is nothing there. No electricity, no shower, no internet coverage…and I’ve never felt so happy in all my life. It’s nice to have to wait for things sometimes. Wait to get warm, wait to boil the water

Bad and good


Bad things this week have been missing out on the studio I applied for. Sob. Sniff. Sad tears. And then more sad (and very real) tears for the super talented and inspiring Adam Yauch. I met the Beastie Boys and saw them live twice and their music was truly such a huge part of my ‘going out’ years. So many great times associated with their songs. Cancer is such a



What a jam packed weekend, absolutely choc full of goodness. However, I am almost voiceless and more than a little weary after the past month which was then punctuated by this gobsmacker of a weekend. I tried to keep Coco’s party fairly stress free, yes I did some baking and made Coco butterfly wings but those are things I love doing and find relaxing and wherever I could I included



I am so inspired by the photographic work of Jim Naughten. His portraits are incredible, especially this series on the Herero tribe members of Namibia. Their story is a fascinating one and how wearing these European style patchwork dresses has become part of their tradition is so interesting. I am desperately hanging out for his new book, Hereroes, which will be released next year. In the meantime, I can’t stop



Happy New Year! I must admit I’m feeling decidedly strange and a little off track. Just. Can’t. Get. Cracking. Our road trip was incredibly disappointing due to a bout of such severe tonsillitis that I ended up in Merimbula District Hospital emergency department on New Years Day. That was fun. We then decided to cut our trip short and head straight to Sydney where fun thing number two happened. Andy

Sister and the city


I’ve been bed-ridden the past couple of days with a nasty virus. Feeling more than a little end-of-year burnt out. But enough of that. I did have a fun Sunday hanging out with Otto and my (Melbourne, not Sydney) sister, doing some Christmas shopping at Markit. It was crazy busy but with so many awesome designers/makers there I managed to do some serious purchasing. Feels so good shopping local at

Ok, where to start?


This past week has included some serious family fun. My favorite kind. Sydney was fabulous, we stayed at the olde worlde Australia Hotel (so gorgeously rundown) with my Mama, Granny and 2 beautiful sisters. There was sun and theater (free tickets to opening night of The Threepenny Opera with Eddie Perfect (crush alert!) as Mack the Knife) and shopping and eating and drinking and and and….you get the picture! And

See you soon…


I’m off to Sydney this weekend for a double celebration. Firstly my Mama is 60 and we are having a special girls weekend for her, because 60 is so the new 21 and therefore she is still very much a girl. We are also going to see my sis in her new play. Can’t wait! I do feel a little guilty though that I am not going to be here

Getting well soon


I have a minute to myself while my patients rest. I should be doing so many other things, yet I’m here. Oh well. Just wanted to say, my guilt for feeling resentful has not dissipated, but it has at least the resentment has gone. I was hoping there would be a torrent of comments telling me I’m not alone in these feelings!! That I’m normal!! Where’s my validation people?!! Where

Photo by Otto


The snow was amazing but I haven’t had a chance to upload the snow photos yet. It’s been such a busy week with customs to finish off and a whole heap of new balloons to photograph and put in the shop. Also sending off an order to a new stockist in Brisbane. I am so excited about this order as they have ordered across my whole range. Yippee! For this

Sun and snow

Screen shot 2011-07-22 at 9.03.15 AM

It’s a freezing Melbourne winter and we are heading off to the snow for a long weekend. Otto and Coco have never seen proper snow before, which got me thinking about all the firsts children experience. I found these pics of Coco enjoying her first proper summer at the beach. She is about 10 months here and it was the most perfect summer. Anyway, off to capture some snow memories

Coco’s turn…


Coco’s been busy too. Not running but painting. (See here, for how it all began) I signed her up for an art class with the amazing, brilliant and so-very-lovely Dawn Tan. It was held last week at Harvest Textiles. If you don’t know/haven’t heard about this group of clever ladies then you need to find out pronto! And go visit the workroom too! The window at the moment is by

Run Otto Run!


And he did! We ended the holidays on a high note. Otto is a super little runner and I can no longer say ‘oh yes it’s just baby weight’ when I have a 3 yr old, so we combined exercise with fun and some charity thrown in for good measure and we did Run Melbourne on the weekend. We signed up for the 5k a month ago and we’ve been

The truth behind school holidays


And believe me I want to tell lies. Big ones!! I want to say I plan craft activities and excursions. Excursions where I pack nutritional, yet tasty home made treats and we skip gaily through the meadow finding the perfect picnic spot. I want to show you all the wonderful things I make with the kids. The toilet paper roll creatures, the cereal box masks, the paper maiche dolls…. But

Shall we dance?


Last day of the school term tomorrow which means two weeks of mid-year holiday fun begins on Saturday. It also means this week has been all about end of term presentations, parent/teacher interviews and most importantly a chance to watch Coco in her ballet class. She only started this term but already it’s the thing she looks forward to each week. It really is her favorite and her best. What

Z to the I to the N to the D to the Z to the I!


HOLLEERRRR! That’s one of my extremely clever, talented and beautiful sisters up there (I have two sisters and a brother and I would describe them all that way. I’m so lucky), bottom right, with the fan and fierce hair style. Zindzi’s an actor with the Sydney Theater Company, but not only that, she is one of only 9 people hand picked by Cate and Andrew (I don’t think surnames are

Up, up and crochet!


I’ve written about my grandmother before and how crafty she but I’ve never told you that the craft genes going back, don’t end with her. Her mother, my great-grandmother who we have always fondly called Kookie, was very clever and creative with her hands too. I was lucky enough to receive this in the mail just the other day from Granny. I’d never seen it before and Granny had forgotten



Happy 3rd Birthday Little Coco. I love you. From head to toe, inside and out. You are the funniest lady I know and just like your brother, you have taught me much more than I will ever teach you. I love how goofy you are, how you sing off key. Loudly. How you dance and paint and create and talk. You never stop and you have so much to say!

Open for inspection


We are still house hunting. Let’s just say the novelty is wearing off. Shame really as we have only looked at a handful of houses in all seriousness. The kids spend the whole time claiming bedrooms as their own, Andy knocks on walls and furrows his brow at ceilings and I am too busy falling in love with every house we see. Especially as the few we have really liked


Andy sent me this link the other day from work. It lead me to the Martha Stewart website which made me think initially, why is my husband checking out Martha Stewart whilst at work, is it not enough that he lives with the queen of craft??? I then went on to think perhaps I need to dig up my vintage map of Australia table cloth and get busy with it.

I’m baaaaa-accck!


If you’re a regular reader (and really, why wouldn’t you be) you might have noticed that the blog has been all crazy-town up in your face. Fingers crossed it is now fixed and a big thank you for being so patient with all the drama. Honestly it has been a technological nightmare. Posts appearing, disappearing then appearing. Not to mention behind the scenes, emails have been arriving in my inbox

A good day


I had a good day today, a great day in fact. It’s funny how getting it all out helps. Thanks for listening! And more often than not, you realise that things aren’t nearly half as bad as they seem. In fact not really that bad at all.