Please change

So much good stuff is going on at the moment I’m happy to say.
Work wise…..orders are being dispatched (meaning I am dragging large boxes down to the post office), emails are being answered (mostly) and I have pinned down an evening with Andy to re-do  my website and blog. Also feeling pretty darn excited about the opportunity to do a window at Craft Victoria in May. Being invited to showcase some of my work and merchandise/style it up in a fancy way is a bit like a dream. I work by myself, often with only ABC 774 talk-back for company (such a nana) so to be be able to do something creative that’s out in the world is so exciting!  Nerve-wracking, but exciting! Sneak peeks coming soon.

Family wise….preparations for Coco’s party this Saturday are in full swing. For her ‘garden’ themed crafty party, I am attempting these baby’s. Ambitious and so much potential to go wrong but luckily I have other baking ideas up my sleeve. I’m getting totally giddy with excitement at the thought of my Mama and niece from Hobart and my dear friend and godchild arriving from Brisbane tomorrow for the party.
Also sneaking off for three days over Easter alone with Andy, who has decided I need to be treated for working so freaking hard lately. Thanks husband. The best.

And last but not least school holidays which I’m looking forward to a lot. Mum will be staying on the full two weeks, so apart from being an amazing help with Mosey stuff, she’s also happy to help out with the kids which I appreciate so much. Lately they are going through a bit of a stage. Coco can no longer be manipulated and can get really feisty when things don’t go her own way and Otto has always been in charge of their exuberant, imaginary play and isn’t always willing to let go of that crown. She’s thoughtful and considered and takes her time with the details and he is bombastic and highly animated and quick to move onto the next part of the game. I’m surprised (and grateful) he’s still willing to play with her as often as he does, so whilst I feel Coco’s frustration, I also think how lucky she is that she has an older brother who is happy to pretend to be the captain in ‘storm game’ or the villain in ‘cat game’ again and again and again.
For the most part they work it out with little adult interference, which is how it should be I think. I feel hopeful that Andy and I have equipped them (and continue to do so) with the right tools to resolve their arguments, through discussion and also by example but I have to say ‘note on a mini whiteboard’ solution is new to us.
Shortly after hearing raised voices from upstairs, Coco came down to me holding it, with a very solemn look on her face. She told me she’d found it outside her bedroom door.
He’s eloquent, I’ll give him that.

7 Responses to Please change

  1. The note is hilarious! “Please change. Love Otto.”
    My younger sister wrote one to my Mum … dear mum, I hate yoo, I hayt yuo, I hat yoo. I never do anytink for yoo. LOVE, Anika. (The o in love was even a heart!)
    Kids are so cute. Kellie xx
    PS A few days away? School holidays? Getting on top of work? Coco’s party? Your Mum staying? All awesome.
    PPS We are 702 listeners here too. Is that the same thing, different state, radio national? When did we become so adult contemporary.
    PPPS I’m in this far, just wanted to do another one.

  2. PPPPS mushroom meringues … yum! I just read that the cook won gold at the International Cooking Olympics with that recipe? Good luck!

  3. Ok so maybe I’m a big, fat emotional dork but after reading about how sweet Otto is playing with his little sister and then seeing the note he left her, I’ve become all teary. That boy is a bloody legend! I love that instead of just screaming this little speech at her, he puts pen to paper (texta to board) and articulates how frustrated he is feeling. And he does he SO well. Pat on the back mum and dad. xx

    Ps Can Coco even read yet?

  4. Oh Otto that is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Hilarious to boot!

    Love those little sugar mushies… good luck! Enjoy the party (and the extra help!) xx

  5. I love this. it is hilarious. he is such an emotionally mature young man! It is what I would have said to my sister when we were little, had I been articulate enough to leave her a note to tell her how I felt.

    instead she ran rings and whipped me up into a frenzy…but what a fun little whirlwind she was!

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