Coco’s turn…

Coco’s been busy too. Not running but painting. (See here, for how it all began) I signed her up for an art class with the amazing, brilliant and so-very-lovely Dawn Tan. It was held last week at Harvest Textiles. If you don’t know/haven’t heard about this group of clever ladies then you need to find out pronto! And go visit the workroom too! The window at the moment is by Leila Sanderson who makes the most amazing teepees out of recycled sail cloth. So great.
Anyway, Dawn was so patient, kind and encouraging with Coco and what was meant to be an hour and 15 minutes turned into 2 hours. Coco was happy to stay on her own, so I had a chance to duck next door to Popcraft (also amazing) but I snuck back early and sat out the back to eavesdrop on the class.
Dawn: Okay now we can decorate with pom-poms…
Dawn: How about some stickers…
Coco: I LOVE STICKERS TOOO!!Isn’t the resemblance striking? And so proud of my clever girl writing her own name in the top corner. Well done Ooco. Dawn also took some photos of the morning and put them on her blog here.
Find out about all of Dawn Tan’s beautiful work here.
And I can’t wait for her pop-up shop and solo exhibition! Details here.

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