Conversations With Creative Women – Volmue two

Sooooo turns out I’m in a book!
The Creative Women’s Circle has been an invaluable resource for me over the past couple of years. The talks, the blog and the friends I’ve made via this network of lovely ladies are just a few of the examples of how I’ve benefited. As someone who works alone it’s been a way that I can connect with other like minded creatives, learn and share ideas and hopefully put those ideas into practice when running my own very small business.
Last year Tess McCabe, who runs the CWC, curated and published a book called Conversations with Creative Women: Volume One which I immediately devoured and often still pick up from time to time. Filled with stories from many women I admire, I was more than a little surprised to receive an email from Tess earlier this year asking if I would like to be interviewed for volume two. I shrieked and my immediate reaction was no. What do I have to offer to other women? I’m not successful, I fail daily and am often plagued with self- doubt. After calming down and much discussion I realised that perhaps the best way I could contribute was by telling it like it is. That mosey is hard hard work but I love it. I love it!!
Tess’s careful, thoughtful questions allowed me to cover a number of topics that I don’t necessarily keep secret but I don’t share on a whim.
But here goes. I suffered terribly from post-natal depression after the birth of my son and in a big way, sewing became my path to recovery.
I now manage the depression well (yes it lingers on unfortunately) and have other ways and strategies aside from sewing  to get through my blues but some days are harder than others. Tess gave me a platform to speak frankly about it and in doing so I really hope it helps someone somewhere. It’s a part of my life and it’s my truth.
I felt so alone for so long, as eleven years ago mental illness had a real stigma attached to it, that meant covering up became part of my daily ‘way’. These days I’m happy to see and read that it is diagnosed early and to talk about it is becoming far less of a taboo.
Despite all this I probably will still squirm whilst reading my own interview. Immortalised forever in print! Gah! But I will without fail devour all the words of all the other interviewees as I have my dog-eared copy of the first one.

The Book Launch is tonight:

Friday 15 November
87-89 Albert Street, Brunswick
(entry via laneway)

See you there!!

*PHOTO COURTESY OF CREATIVE WOMEN’S CIRCLE – Photo by Martina Gemmola, Flowers by Cecilia Fox, Art direction and styling by Tess McCabe.

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  1. mads you are amazing. what more can i say. i received my copy of this book today. im yet to read any of it. i’m trying to finish a couple of other books first, always the way, and trying hard not to be distracted by the shiny and new ; ) congratulations on being interviewed. you are a huge inspiration to me as are the other amazing creative women tess brings together + tess herself! i’m inspired by you for successfully following your dream and having the courage to do so, along with juggling a full family life. after reading this post i look forward to sitting down and dipping in to vol 2 even more. i have no doubt your words will be of help to others. thank you for being your beautiful, honest and courageous self x

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