Counting my blessings and a thankyou GIVEAWAY!!

One minute you’re sailing along, laughing at your basket wearing daughter and the next thing you know something terrible happens and you’re wanting to curl up in said basket. Andy was sick a couple of weeks ago. Like really sick. Like emergency hospital, tears and bedside vigils. The scary part is over and full diagnosis is still pending but for all intents and purposes he is better and back to his usual self. Even the ‘Dad jokes’ that only Coco laughs at were back this week, a clear sign that alls well again.

Pretty darn intense though. I have the most chaotic mind and faced with the love of my life so violently ill was more than I could bear and despite telling myself and concerned friends otherwise, I was doing some serious and very unhelpful speculating. Fortunately for us Otto was out of town with my Mum and younger sister for the weekend and Coco was in the care of my other sister so I was able to be totally there for Andy. You know, bring him things that he didn’t need, watch him while he slept then wake him up when I thought he was sleeping to much…I know, I know, my bedside manner is hard to beat.
Also fortunate for us are the friends we have. This all took place in the first week of December and Christmas preparations were the last thing on my mind obviously. I was lamenting to my best friends that I hadn’t been able to find our handmade advent calender, there was no tree and certainly no cheer. I should point out here that I love Christmas and really enjoy the lead up fun that I have with the children.

It was then to my absolute delight that last Wednesday night I opened the door to Alex and Emma and the most glorious sweet smelling Christmas tree. I am crying just thinking of our dear, sweet friends dripping wet (good old Melbourne summer) and grinning from ear to ear like they had just performed some Christmas miracle. And it was. It was something I will never forget. We went on to have a lovely evening where I felt so happy. Just completely and utterly happy and blessed, lucky and grateful.

I’ve been a lot of thinking over the past few days about Andy and the kids. Then about wonderful family and friends, old and new. About how lucky I’ve been with work and and how grateful I am that I get to do something I love that people seem to like too. Like any brush with mortality or someone close to you’s brush with mortality, it’s a cliche but it does paint things in a different light. It should. I have really been appreciating things this week big and little too many to mention and possibly too boring to list here, but important to me.

One thing I will list (hopefully not too boring..) is the fun I have blogging. How generous and funny and kind the comments here have been and how I’ve stumbled across blogs that I wouldn’t have found otherwise and now read regularly. I have felt very welcomed into Blogsville and after a year of posts (my first post was in November 2009!) I thought a giveaway might be in order. A mobile of your choice and maybe some other bits and pieces, a zip purse made from some Mosey fabric, a mini bunting… I will squeeze as much as I can into the box. And it’ll be nice. Promise!
All you have to do is let me know in the comments below what mobile you would like and I will announce a winner on Saturday. Good luck and THANKYOU!!!! x
*Anyone, anywhere can enter.

15 Responses to Counting my blessings and a thankyou GIVEAWAY!!

  1. Thanks Captain! Thanks for your Christmas wishes.
    Now please let me know which mobile you would like to win so I can put your entry in….if you would like to enter that is. You don’t have to!!
    I forgot to tell people what to do to enter. Whoops!
    All updated now…

  2. Oh you poor love. Big hugs and kisses to you and Andy. Glad things are better now. Friends in need are friends in deed. What a time for this to happen, blah!
    On the giveaway note…I love the baby boats in blue the best, although it was quite hard to choose a favorite because they are all so darn cute! Clever bunny you!

  3. Hello Madeleine. I hope all is well now and stays that way. I love to read your blog and look at all your beautiful pictures. I would be happy with anything you were to giveaway as all the mobiles are just so sweet!!! merry christmas to you and your family.

  4. Hello
    I’m so pleased that your beautiful family is all ok. I couldn’t imagine going through something like that. I hope your Christmas only gets better from here!
    I would love to go in the draw for one of your beautiful cloud mobiles.
    xoxo Lizzie

  5. the green lovebirds are beautiful. i adore mobiles- even as an adult. thank you for the chance! and i’m glad your family’s health scare is over. that is the worst feeling in the world.

  6. i love you all! and alex and emma are really amazing, you’re all lucky to have each other :)
    i cant wait to see you!
    and i cant wait to win that cloud mobile, that’s going to be an amazing moment for me.

  7. that is the sweetest surprise ever.
    you’re lucky to have kind family nearby to help as well!

    i hope everything keeps getting better!

    and the sky blue cloud mobile is my favorite!!

    your work is beautiful.


  8. I’m not entering the competition, purely because I will look very very greedy since i have the gorgeous boats in eddie’s room, as well as our very special bunting already. I’m really just chiming in to say I love you and I am so happy Andy is ok! We’re very lucky to have you all – yes, every single one of you amazing Sargents. x

  9. such a heart felt post…it is hard to get shaken in such a way. how wonderful to have such good people looking after you and your sweet family, and even more wonderful your man is feeling like himself.

    i would go crazy if i won this…seriously. a parcel of your handmades…shivers. i love the grey clouds.

    merry christmas.

  10. I’m sorry to hear about Andy, what you’ve just been through sounds awful so I hope he’s ok and makes a full recovery. It is a special feeling to look around and count your blessings and realise how lucky you are …. anyways, this is some giveaway! I have always had a soft spot for a baby boats mobile in blue … they’re all divine though, frankly I’d be completely chuffed with any of them. And whilst I have two niece/nephews on the way next year, I think I’d have to be unbelievable selfish and keep it for myself (ok, possibly I’d share with Olive). Merry christmas to you and your family! Kellie xx

  11. Sorry to hear about such a stressful time. Really puts things in perspective. I hope the rest of the christmas break is ful of only joy and goodness!


    ps. love the clouds ; )

  12. Lovely M, so heartfelt & true you always are but today I was so sad for you to read about your start to the Festive Season. You must have felt so open and vulnerable. Life is full of twists & turns and then the very lows that take us to the depths of our hearts & put such worry & uncertainty into our thoughts and leave you wondering why you had to endure this part of life. You are so right about being grateful for every tinsy tiny part of our lives and those treasured souls that share our days & nights with us. And what gorgeous thoughtful friends you have with the gift of a tree X. We grow from these moments, our hearts expand and our soul blossoms and we continue to smile & shine. And that is how I know you, the shining, smiling, beautiful woman that greats us at Mac P & through your honest and open blogs. You always put a smile in my heart so I hope this puts one in yours. I am so happy to hear your Andy is back to his old self & you and your beautiful family are at peace again to enjoy each other and your blessed Christmas this year. Enjoy, much love & happiness to you & your family xxx

  13. Oh no! Madeleine! That’s so crazy! But I’m so glad Andy is okay now, and hooray for lovely friends & family to look after you and your lovely family.

    But I know what you mean about the unhelpful speculating… argh. It’s impossible to stop sometimes. I wish there was a solution sometimes!

    P.S. – clouds :D

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