Craft Hatch

Via Clog-Image by Kim Brockett

Craft Hatch was a couple of Saturdays ago now (I know, I know bad blogger, bad) and it was ace. Such a contrast from the last market I participated in! Not that I didn’t enjoy the Finders Keepers, I really did. They were just totally different experiences. Craft Hatch was organised by the very extremely lovely Kim Brockett from Craft Victoria and it was a pleasure to be a part of. That’s the Baby Boat mobile up there in the new red color way. It tested the waters at both markets recently and I think it’s a keeper. 

Via Teddy Bears Wednesday-Image by Jess

I got to catch up with Jess and brought home with me one of her beautiful creations. He’s a pot holder (I do believe that’s him bottom left) that apparently wishes he played shot put (all Jess’ creations have a story) I love ambitious wool.

Via and O Design-image via madeit

I also got to chat with Evie, met Leisl who’s work is AH-mazing, please do check it out here and I also made many little trips to and O Design’s table and whilst I didn’t buy anything on the day, last night I visited their madeit store and bought this key necklace. So, so beautifully made. I think it will be a Christmas present for a good girlfriend of mine. Unless of course it accidently falls out of it’s packaging and around my neck. Ooops. Does that happen to anyone else?I also met the absolutely bew-di-ful Lizzie Wilson and received my heart quilt. I swear it has restorative quality’s. The kids and I have been snuggling underneath it as much as possible. Andy prefers his man blanket although appreciates the work that’s gone into it.

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  1. I love this quilt, it’s so beautiful. I would love to make something similar for my bed, I’m farirly new to quilting can you give me any tips on acheiving the same look?

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