Ok these babies have been a long time coming. But enough about why they have taken so long (children/life/busy husband/crazy feather-making/etc) let’s just be glad they are here shall we.
You may remember they started out life as just patchworked front panels lying around my studio floor.
With a lot of help from Andy and the lovely and patient girls at Frankie and Swiss, I feel as though they’ve turned out beautifully. The fabric gives them a really nice vintage, washed out look and they are so lovely and textural to touch. But Andy’s super work replicating the hankeys helps to give them a little extra pop with solid stripes and criss crosses.
I deliberated over the colours, whether to go super bright or sorbet, super bright or sorbet…but in the end sorbet won out. Bright next time round perhaps?!

This is a limited range people! Get them here!

8 Responses to Cushions!

  1. oh wow mads they are awesome! i see what all the collab with husband/frankie and swiss business was about now. i love the detailed ‘mosey’ branding within the print. lovely.

  2. They look great! They turned out so well, and I think the colour choices are great! So good! And I just noticed the Mini Dreamers which are too cute!

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