Shall we dance?

Last day of the school term tomorrow which means two weeks of mid-year holiday fun begins on Saturday. It also means this week has been all about end of term presentations, parent/teacher interviews and most importantly a chance to watch Coco in her ballet class. She only started this term but already it’s the thing she looks forward to each week. It really is her favorite and her best. What she lacks in dainty-ness and grace (what? just telling it like it is) she surely makes up for in pure and utter enthusiasm. Seriously, girlfriend loves to dance. She has a beautiful teacher who manages to keep eight 3-year olds in line for half an hour and whilst things were a little unruly during the open class (no-one is allowed to watch the regular classes so it was very novel for the girls having the parents there), Coco managed to concentrate all the way thru until the last five minutes were she turned away from the teacher and loudly whispered across the hall ‘Mummy? Can I have a biscuit please? I love that kid.

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  1. Gorgeous photos … I have some lovely ones of Coco taken by Otto at the weekend, will pass them on. xxx

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