I decided to push those feathers further this weekend. After both Cass and Andy suggested a mobile, (and these creative types sure do know a thing or two about good design) I went to work making something a little more ethereal than my usual style. And this is it!
The Dreamer.
The shop is also now full of all sorts of things…feathers, two new Hankey Blankeys and a bunch of new balloons. This week I’ll be working on some more Dreamer mobiles in different colours, because despite my etsy shop being an interim selling place for me until Stage 2 begins*, it sure does feel good to see a nice full store.

*I actually don’t know how it got all Stage 1, 2 and 3 ‘Mission control Mosey speaking, do you read me? Over.’ but in lieu of a better plan, I’m going with it.

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  1. Lovr the dreamer!! Awesome.,I had a dream catcher in my riom when it was cool in the 90s. This is do much cooler than that one!!

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