Fan mail and pineapples

I’m not really sure where to begin this story, but I suppose from the start makes the most sense. Last week during the excitement of the really very amazing Megan Morton bringing her School to Melbourne, I was inspired to make her something, fan mail of the fabric variety. I don’t know what came over me, I can actually be very awkward and shy and easily overwhelmed by ‘things, but for whatever reason I felt compelled to let her know somehow that I was a fan.
I love a good bit of fan mail. Believe or not I have received some very special letters and cards of gratitude over the past couple of years. It’s humbling to think I inspire anyone when I honestly feel most days as though I am pretty average. But, for whatever reason I thought going next level with Megan would be a good idea. From all I had read about her I thought perhaps she might laugh and totally be into the idea of a plush pineapple. She’s a Queensland girl at heart and her use of the pine in her work makes me automatically associate this particular fruit with her. So because I basically tend to show my love through the medium of fabric (just ask my long suffering friends and family and sometimes strangers who have been on the receiving end of this particular kind of ‘love’), I thought a patchwork pineapple could do all the talking for me.
Well, somehow it not only talked, it shouted, sang and tap-danced it’s way into Megan’s heart and when she suggested would I please make some for her pop-up and online shops I dazedly said yes. BECAUSE I DON’T THINK YOU SAY NO TO MEGAN MORTON.
So the above pineapples are all on their way to Sydney as we speak, and should arrive tomorrow, in time for Mother’s Day (yes Mum I saved one for you). The shop looks excellent, I only wish I was accompanying said pines….
I feel very excited for this opportunity, for Megan’s enthusiasm and kindness (she is even better in real life. Beyond.) but you know what else I’m grateful for? The amount of support I’ve received in person and on instagram. It’s been as though everyone has been cheering me along on this funny ride and that’s given me the confidence I needed to not freak out and get overwhelmed and be all fruity about what has been a pretty surreal week.


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  1. What an awesome story. The best kind of fan mail I reckon no wonder Megan couldn’t resist. Well done Mads. These patchwork pines are ridiculously good!! : )

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