I always forget to take photos of the things I’m making because I work so solidly on my child-free days and always up to the last minute that I don’t have time for anything by the afternoon except packing it all up so that there is space in our living room. Sux.
But finally FINALLY I have a new studio! I get the keys very soon and then it will be all on. I can’t even say how exciting it will be to set it up and then just leave my work out, locking the door behind me.
I will be all over that space like a hobo on a ham sandwich.
In the meantime, a quick pic of the fabric feathers I’ve been working on. Since there were a lot of scraps left over from my Craft Vic window and I am a bit nuts when it comes to waste, I decided to use them up and turn them into feathers. What for you ask? For adorning a brown paper parcel all tied up with string, wearing in your hair, tucked into a button hole, to artfully poke into a frame…and you thought you didn’t need fabric feathers in your life. Scoff.
I have made lots of colours, but am still refining the stick/spine part that runs down the feather and out the bottom. That will be all reconciled by the time my new online shop is open though. July people July.

ps. I made promises back here to have Stage 1 completed by now. Let’s just adjust that to next week shall we? Andy is super busy at work and I need his fine photography and computer file making skills to be able to upload all the new mobiles, balloons and blankeys onto etsy. Patience sure is a virtue.

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