Fruit Cushions


With an insatiable need to patchwork any and everything, I decided one day that fruit was on the hit list. I’d already dabbled in plush pineapples, but after some thought I knew I had an apple, pear, strawberry, watermelon and banana hiding somewhere inside of me. After patch-working up a strawberry for a friend that had just had a baby girl, I got cracking on the fruit bowl. However halfway through I realised that as a product to sell and potentially wholesale, there was no way it was sustainable, financially and physically! I’d sewn myself into these sticky situations before so it was time to think like a business woman. In the end I decided to re-visit the idea of digitally printing an original patchwork design onto fabric; after all I’d done it successfully before with the hankey cushions.
Somehow though these turned out better, brighter and punchier than I anticipated and it was with great joy that I went and picked up my samples. Seeing the fruit and diamonds cascading over the initial 3m length of linen I ordered was like lollies to my eyes….in fact I’ve tucked a few more ideas away in the back of my mind for later this year. This won’t be the last you see of the fruit, so I hope that’s ok with you.

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