What a jam packed weekend, absolutely choc full of goodness. However, I am almost voiceless and more than a little weary after the past month which was then punctuated by this gobsmacker of a weekend. I tried to keep Coco’s party fairly stress free, yes I did some baking and made Coco butterfly wings but those are things I love doing and find relaxing and wherever I could I included her. She even helped whip up everyone’s invite!
But really aside from my mate Peta, who helped with all the food preparation among other things, it was really Dawn Tan who swept in and saved the day. Book her! Book her now! She’s awesome.Now as tears fill my eyes for the millionth time these last few days (I am soooo emotional at the moment. Who’s with me?) I just want to say this to my dear little ladybird.
Coco, I hope sometime we can look back on this day and you will see yourself surrounded by family and friends who truly love you. That you can see how you’ve always been so creative ever since you were little. And that we can reflect on the one and only time Mama ever made cake pops for you. Because quite possibly, I will NEVER make those freaking things again. Love Mama x
So here goes….Coco’s party in 20 photos or less. Like all good parties there was barely enough time to pick up the camera….Coco’s wings. I have not one photo of her actually wearing them, maybe because she whipped them off within seconds of entering the party and by the end of the morning they were trashed. (I am actually still laughing now as I sit at the computes looking at that second photo!)Tigers! and Crocodiles! and Sharks! and Fairies! and a small Blues Brother! Oh my!Painted pots and paper flowers and radish seeds to take home and plant. Dawn thought of everything. And due to short attention spans and a glorious day, Dawn also ended up inside finishing everyone’s pots for them. Ahh cake pops. Little buggers.
I envisioned sweet little lady birds stuck into styro foam that I’d covered in astro turf. Instead I got mishappen cake balls rolled in hundreds and thousands. Having said that there were plenty made and they were all eaten and enjoyed and I swear I’ve never laughed so hard trying to make them with Peta. We were so hysterical, Andy said it was like there were hyena’s in the kitchen. This is the only photo I got of the remaining few and that’s Pete’s had trying to straighten up the darn things. Has anyone attempted these? I was given this amazing book last year and I feel as though I followed the recipe correctly. I’ll get you next time my pretty’s, next time…..The best big brother in the world.Three of my favourite ladies. And they all belong to me!A big chocolate log/branch/something from the woods with mushrooms that actually worked!

And that’s it for now. I’m taking a break from this space to make the most of the fact that my Mum is in town to mind the kids whilst I get through my orders and start planning my Craft Vic window.
I want to say thank you for all the gorgeous comments I’ve received lately. So kind! I appreciate ever single one of them. Happy Easter y’all. I’ll see you next week xx

7 Responses to FUN!

  1. Oh please make the cake balls again asks Lola…. Please!!
    Thanks for a wonderfully entertaining, creative and love filled birthday party. Coco, you were the perfect hostess and most gorgeous birthday girl ever. Enjoy your week with nana.
    Love B & Lola

  2. Hooray – Perfect all round. Superstar Mummy and the loveliest friend this laughing Hyena could ask for!!

  3. That looks like some party! Trashed wings (always a reliable sign of a good time), amazing delectable delights (cake pops?! never heard of them, sound amazing, especially mounted into astro turf), and a craft guru wearing my Olive’s leggings as a t-shirt?! Recipe for extreme success! xx

  4. Oh what a party! Your kiddos are so cute. Laughing hyenas, hahaha. I’ve got that book but never used it. Now I am scared! Will have some hundreds and thousands on hand as backup plan B.

  5. Thanks for having me! : ) Guess what.. your post inspired me to make myself some mushroom meringues! HAHA. They’re in the oven RIGHT NOW!


  6. Mads you did an AMAZING job. Great party and those happy little faces in all those pics proves it. Well done! (I’d kind of like to do that for my party – do you think Dawn does adult parties too?!)

    Enjoy easter with your mama – mine’s here too! xxx

  7. What a bloody awesome party. Coco looks so gorgeous in her special frock. Just a few points:
    Those wings are the best I’ve ever seen!
    I love Coco’s face, looking up at Dawn.
    Where o where did you buy Otto’s tee?
    Those cake pops may have been a total pain in the proverbial to make but they look delish.
    The log cake and meringue mushrooms are genius.
    Oli’s birthday is in a few weeks. Quick! Send me Dawn.
    Does Coco really have a friend called Blossom? Cute!

    Happy Easter!! xx

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