Getting well soon

I have a minute to myself while my patients rest. I should be doing so many other things, yet I’m here. Oh well. Just wanted to say, my guilt for feeling resentful has not dissipated, but it has at least the resentment has gone. I was hoping there would be a torrent of comments telling me I’m not alone in these feelings!! That I’m normal!! Where’s my validation people?!! Where I ask ya?!!
Anyway, Andy got home just in time to meet me at the emergency department of the Children’s Hospital, which is where we ended up with Otto. (Coco has made a fantastic recovery, thank goodness) It was a long afternoon that thankfully ended up well. Well enough at least to be re-assured that Otto is not going anywhere, he’s just really battling through this tummy bug. Such a trooper.
Back to the doctor this afternoon and then just more rest. Fortunately the sun is shining in Melbourne and that is making everything far more bearable.

5 Responses to Getting well soon

  1. Oh my goodness, your feelings of resentment is not just normal, it’s downright mild! Anger, violence, changing the locks on the doors, putting sprout seeds in all his shoes and watering them and leaving them somewhere warm and dark …. could porribly be considered borderline. Hope the kids are all ok. And you and Andy too. Maybe you need to reconnect in an adult way and have a nice dinner together? xx

  2. Thanks Amanda, you’re the sweetest and the best!
    And Kellie, well i just outright love you.
    Thanks ladies xx

  3. Hey lady, I have just found your beautiful place here (after clicking on your name when blogger would not let me reply via email to your comment), how beautiful it is!

    Thanks so much for your kind words over at my place, making me feel super loved!!! I look forward to being part of your blog family now!

    xo em

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