And the winner is….

Thank you all SO very much for your lovely comments, beautiful and kind comments, comments that made me feel like you were all my mates and that you should all come round and have a glass of wine and a chat and….well, you get the picture. It was so hard only being able to draw out one winner as I really want to give you all a little something. Sigh…I’ll just have to have more giveaways next year.  In the meantime Kristi, luck was on your side this time! Hooray for you!

I will be sending you a cloud mobile in grey, a patchwork bird softie, some pretty vintage mini bunting, little Christmas tree decorations (which hopefully will make it to you in time for Christmas!) and a hot pink mosey zip purse. And I think that makes the box officially full.

Thanks again. You’re all awesome xx

6 Responses to And the winner is….

  1. i got the box yesterday…so quick you. everything is gorgeous. i can’t wait to put up the cloud mobile, i absolutely adore the white sticks. you out did yourself with stuffing it full of lovelies and i am ever so grateful. merry christmas sweet lady.

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