Bad and good

Bad things this week have been missing out on the studio I applied for. Sob. Sniff. Sad tears.
And then more sad (and very real) tears for the super talented and inspiring Adam Yauch. I met the Beastie Boys and saw them live twice and their music was truly such a huge part of my ‘going out’ years. So many great times associated with their songs. Cancer is such a hateful, heart-breaking thing.
Also the death of Maurice Sendak one of our very favourites.

However, the good things this week have been undoubtedly the extreme love I’ve received for the Craft Victoria window. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH! Everyone’s messages meant so much to me, here on the blog, via email and in person. You’re all so lovely and I’m ever so grateful. It means a great deal. Sniff. Sob. Happy tears.
Last night we went in to see the window and go out for a celebratory dinner. Little did I know that our besties (and if you follow that link, how short was my hair and how crazy are Coco’s teeth?!) would be there to surprise me with a beautiful bunch of flowers. Aww…I love those guys.

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