A good day

I had a good day today, a great day in fact. It’s funny how getting it all out helps. Thanks for listening! And more often than not, you realise that things aren’t nearly half as bad as they seem. In fact not really that bad at all.  Andy says I need to tackle one thing at a time and not be crazy-hurricane-lady as oppose how I normally am….crazy-just-bubbling-under-the-surface-lady.

With Coco in childcare and Otto ensconced in busy 8yrd old boy stuff, I managed to finish off a custom order, start another, answer some of the emails that have mysteriously reappeared in my inbox, drop off an order to Bebe, pop into Andy’s studio and photograph some of my wares and then visit Hendo and check out his new work at an exhibition in Abbotsford. A quick bite to eat at the Abbotsford Convent and then home to cut, sew and iron new hankey blankey quilt tops. In between was bathing the kids and reading 7 (count em’, 7) bedtime stories to Coco.
Otto has been messing around with my camera and aside from taking the top pic and then the ones of me and Andy and me, he took some great pics at the exhibition. He’s becoming quite the snapper with quite the sophisticated eye. As soon as we got outside though, the sophistication quickly wore off and he was back to his tree climbing ways. My dear little monkey.

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  1. otto has a great eye! im really impressed. but you know, he’s been impressive since birth so …
    glad things are looking up for you, can’t wait for ERYKAH with youuuuu!

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