Groundhog Day

I’ve been absent, I know. Things have been busy around here, which I realise I am always saying. But they have and sometimes I just can’t keep up! I want to share all sorts of good news with you, new work and new adventures but nothing is confirmed, everything is pending and without these bits and pieces to share I am just doing the same thing over and over and over…..Is it this unseasonally cold Melbourne winter? Is it the never-ending washing up? Is it the dropping off of children to childcare and school only to get home and have to turn around and pick them up again? I don’t know. I just feel abit flat. A little like doing this for long periods of time….

Anyway, instead of focusing on my ‘Groundhog Day’ life I am going hark back to last weekend when we did something different and spent a very fun Saturday at Design Made Trade.

The kids had a ball participating in the Great Paper Plane Throw organised by the Paper Plane Academy.

Otto and his mate Max had a ball at the makedo table. Seriously worth checking this company out. Otto was given a makedo kit last Christmas and I highly recommend it. Heaps of fun.

Andy, who is on the AGDA state council, had a tattoo stall complete with totally cool tatt chart. He spent most of the day inking up children and adults with his very talented mate Paul from C0-op. Also part of the AGDA ‘fete’ was bobbing for apples which was super cute even if Coco couldn’t quite summon up the courage to dive straight in. Preferring instead to picnic on the astro turf.

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