A Happy ending

This week started like a horror movie, transitioned to sci-fi with a touch of drama/tragedy and ended up as a love story. A Disney fairytale to be exact. The brave heroine (me) was fighting to save the life of the young protagonist (Otto) and his small and ever faithful sidekick (Coco). The handsome (but sometimes unaware of his brave heroines desires) prince (Andy) was in a land far far away (Sydney). The brave heroine strove to fend off the mighty dragon (gastro) and protect her family all alone. Until she realised she didn’t need to fight it alone. She immediately turned to the much adored Queen of the land (Mum that’s you) and the kind and wise Lady-in-waiting (my mother-in-law who is a registered nurse). She also sought strength from other family members and beautiful girlfriends, one especially, also from a land far far away (Brisbane) who penned letters of support (texts) despite herself battling her own dragon (flu) and one friend in particular who rode her horse (Subaru Outback) over to the brave heroine’s house with a basket of home cooked food and a huge bunch of tulips and made the heroine weep with her kindness. The heroine marveled at the bravery of the aforementioned beautiful girlfriend, for she rode to the heroine’s castle (house of poo) without a moment’s hesitation or fear for her safety, thus proving that women can do anything. (Poignant message to all little heroines and princesses everywhere.) (Also it takes a village to raise a family.)
The handsome (but sometimes unaware of his brave heroines desires) prince, came galloping back from the far off land and spent a good half an hour listening to the roar of the dragon. Or was that the brave heroine? Either way the handsome (but now EXTREMELY aware of his brave heroines desires) prince leapt into action, helped to slay the dragon and save the young protagonists life all in time to tuck the small and ever faithful sidekick into bed.
He then presented the brave heroine with the most beautiful rose gold, antique ring encrusted with tiny diamonds which he slipped onto her finger as she slept. And despite the fact that she never cared much for material things and was more interested in sincerity and understanding, she was deeply touched and felt that the handsome (and totally back in the good books) prince was genuine in his words as they were backed up by his actions and therefore the ring was simply an outstanding gift from a prince to his heroine.
But to be honest the brave heroine was incredibly giddy with the romance of this gesture, for lord knows her week had been desperately lacking in romance.

And they lived happily ever after. The End.
ps. Thanks for listening this week, anyone and everyone xx

4 Responses to A Happy ending

  1. Best fairytale I ever read! xx PS think I’ll forward this one over to Shane. That ring is NICE. And we ain’t married did you know ….

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