Home again.

We are back after almost two weeks of family holidaying. This road trip business is turning into a Sargent family tradition. I like! After a lovely Christmas day spent with Andy’s family that was hosted by his sister with an absolutely lush lunch, special treasure hunt and a bit of backyard cricket, we hit the road. We traveled over 2000km starting at my uncles farm, up to Wagga Wagga where we stayed in the gorgeous home of generous friends whose vegetable patch was to die for, on to Canberra, galleries, parliament house and plenty of gelati and then finally camping in Marlo. It was ace. The kids were amazing. Andy was the best and me…well, I was just me, singing out of tune, giggling and reveling in the fun of being just the four of us. Me and my little family. What a great way to finish and begin a year….
Anyway, after trawling through a million and one pics I asked the IT guy (thanks husband) to just whip me up some sort of slide show. And so he did, with music too. It’s a bit special. Enjoy!

7 Responses to Home again.

  1. How gorgeous, what fun, a wonderful holiday with all sorts of adventures!! Loved Christmas Day and the Cricket!!! Thanks to you all for such a happy day xxxxxx

  2. oh i was so hoping you would post today! what a fab memento of your holidays- so beautiful, so cute, so filled with love. i feel happy just watching it!

  3. Happy New Year to you four! Thanks for sharing your pics, super lovely aswell with the music. I have fond memories of family holiday roadtrips as a kid, driving up from Melb to NSW and camping on the way. There was always a full moon though, which shone through our orange tent. I don’t think I ever slept, too excited, plus the mooon!!!

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