Home again…

Me and my number one girlfriend Coco have been in Hobart this past weekend visiting family. So fresh and lovely and green down there. We stayed with my Mama and had fun just hanging out. I use to do this type of thing alot with Otto but I suppose being an only child lends itself to this type of thing. The second childs schedule is often dictated by the firsts and usually things are done altogether. So you can imagine how lovely it is for the second to be doing something just for her.
She celebrated by pulling this face alot whilst we were there!
We were able to spend alot of time with my brother and his daughter, my only and therefore absolute favourite niece.There is only four months between my girl and his, so they are really good pals. There is something very special about seeing your siblings have children. And such delightful ones at that! I love my brother ever so much and now with his own child I love him even more. How does that work I wonder?We spent alot of time outdoors in my Mum’s vegetable patch and around the corner in Andy’s Mum’s vegetable patch.Always hard to leave, but great to come home to our boys.

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  1. Sounds like the two of you had a lovely time. How good do those tomatoes look? I know a certain little girl will be pleased to see her friend and possibly the constant ‘where’s Toto?’ can now cease!

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