Z to the I to the N to the D to the Z to the I!

HOLLEERRRR! That’s one of my extremely clever, talented and beautiful sisters up there (I have two sisters and a brother and I would describe them all that way. I’m so lucky), bottom right, with the fan and fierce hair style. Zindzi’s an actor with the Sydney Theater Company, but not only that, she is one of only 9 people hand picked by Cate and Andrew (I don’t think surnames are required) to be part of The Residents. I’ve written all about her here and here and now I’m writing about her again. It’s true. I really can’t get enough of her aceness and this month neither can InStyle Magazine. I will be devouring this magazine over the weekend because I will have a lot of free time. You see, it’s my birthday on Sunday and Andy and I are going away. JUST. THE. TWO. OF. US. And one more time for the people in the back seats JUST. THE. TWO. OF. US.
A weekend of doing nothing and anything. This hasn’t happened for a long time so it feels like a huge birthday treat. I wonder what you’re all up to?

6 Responses to Z to the I to the N to the D to the Z to the I!

  1. Your sister is HOT! You’re HOT! It’s your birthday! Hooray for YOU!!! (I think this is a big one, non???) Enjoy your weekend away, you totally deserve it…sending you mountains of birthday cheer from Sydney. Kellie xx

  2. Happy Birthday gorgeous girl fro the weekend. Mine’s next Tuesday, didn’t know we were so close. June people are ace, heheheee. x.c

  3. Happy Birthday!
    I found out about your little business today, reading the Herald Sun home edition. Congrats. Am glad I found out about your business :)

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