The Intelligent Shark

Yes, that’s right the Intelligent Shark. She’s smart you know. Whenever we need a question answered in our house we often call on the services of the Intelligent Shark. Just don’t wake her up when she’s taking a nap. After answering the important questions of life, her brain needs a serious rest.
She’s just the funniest kid.
And an update….Thanks for commenting on my epic post. It is so nice to know that I’m not alone. So nice. Things are going well. Andy has been crucial, as always, in help getting me back on track. He’s very patient, listens, encourages and supports, is very good at business and has put together a fantastic plan for me, but he has this uncanny and super necessary knack of giving me a swift kick up the bottom when I’m wallowing in self-pity for too long. Let’s just say, I might not like his stern tone, but lord knows I need it.
Now, the house hunting. We haven’t found anything just yet, (believe me you will know when we do!) but we are attending inspections, putting auction dates in the diary and feeling more hopeful, more positive than ever.
So Mosey back on track? Check. House hunting going well? Check. Why on earth would we throw a third child into the mix?!
Lucky for me, we have a new baby in our circle of friends. Sweet little Ivy. Welcome babycakes and congratulations Amy and Dino. SO proud of you both for making such a beautiful little lady. I will live a third child vicariously through you.
But seriously. Damn…how good do I look with a newborn in my arms?

3 Responses to The Intelligent Shark

  1. oh my she is one cute little intelligent shark. so nice to hear your update. i loved your last post with your conversation with Andy, hilarious. I hope he did really give you $5 for a new melamine plate. fingers crossed for your new home, its a time consuming affair! i’m also still on the hunt too!

    p.s. my heart skipped a beat when I saw the heart quilt amongst your photos!

  2. Oh my! The Intelligent Shark! Intelligent and just gorgeous, what a fine dorsal fin! Perhaps she might impart some wisdom my way. Do you think she can assist with expected sleep patterns of a newborn?! I just love that photo of you and Ivy too.

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