Kissing cousins

Seriously, the cutest right? Coco and I went to Hobart a couple of weekends back and had such a wonderful time with my niece Ada. I could barely leave. (I’ve written about her before here)We went just for fun ( I never need an excuse to visit Mum) but this time I really wanted to check out my parents new/old place. 8 years ago they bought a do-ah-upper which they rented out immediately until the end of last year. They’ve since decided to move in and finally do it up. My mum is 60 this year but she has the energy of a 16 year old. Humph. I am 34 this year and I have the energy of a slow cow in a paddock.Anyway, I was keen to see what they had done so far. My step-dad is a highly skilled and super clever builder/craftsman type and I just knew there would be all sorts of creative renovation work taking place. My Mum has a very distinct style and whilst she kept saying how much there was still left to do, it already felt so cosy and utterly lovely that I felt at home right away.Coming home after being there amongst all that was taking place made me yearn even more for our own home. Indulge me a little in my incredibly irrelevant and trite dilemma, but I really hate the way our house looks, feels, is. It’s an awkward old place. If I had truly known how long it would take to buy a house, we would have tried for a rental that we could be happy in and not just taken the first thing available. I don’t like feeling like this at all. It feels really spoilt and indulgent when there are plenty of people who don’t have a home at all . And no, I don’t spend my time dwelling on the hate, but if I am to tell the truth, I just don’t like how our place feels. The other thing too is being a somewhat creative person, with a strong desire to decorate and make things pretty, I feel trapped in this funny old rental. And believe me I’ve tried to inject some of ourselves into this place but I am constantly being repelled.
I’ve been asked too, by a number of publications/blogs etc whether I would open up my home for a house tour and every time I have to decline I am reminded of the fact that I am stuck between ‘creige’ coloured walls and a number of dark exposed brick ones that sometimes make Andy and I  feel as though we are living in a fraternity den without the fun of a keg. It’s dark too. Sometimes I have to sew by candle light. Not really. But if you do want to come over? Byo torch.
Lest I complain to much, I do realise we are getting closer to owning our first home and after all the hard work it’s taken to get to this point, I feel as though I am am totally ready to unleash some serious home-love and make a cosy nest for my little team, Andy, Ots and Co.

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  1. gorgeous photos! i totally understand about feeling frustrated about not being able to make your rented home your own & hating the real estate market. doing the rounds of houses for sale sucks! on one hand it’s really exciting & yet always seems to make you feel deflated! we were really lucky in the end with finding our place.
    hey, you may like this.. i was going to make a blog post out of this place that is for sale near me…
    it was passed in at auction & although it looks hideous in the photos, i think you could really turn it around and make it awesome without having to do much or spend that much. although it’s a unit, it feels like a house & has a nice big sunny garden. i can’t work out why it hasn’t sold. it needs some love, but nothing too dramatic that i can tell. maybe have a good look at the body corp rules if you’re interested! anyway, if i had the money, i would totes buy it and do it up. i think it could be pretty awesome. email me if you want to pick my brain on what i’d do :) x captn

  2. You guys will get there! It’s the perfect time to be saving for a home now because the market is totally slowing down (here in Sydney it is anyway and by the sounds of Captain’s post, Melbs too). And then once you’re in & settled & happy, you’ll forget about how long it took to get there, you’ll appreciate it so much AND you’ll be the toast of every interiors and design magazine and website going around!! Don’t the cousins look alike? So sweet. Love that Autumnal Tasmanian light, so beautiful. Kellie xx PS I think I want to buy that place in Footscray, it looks unreal!

  3. those two are gorgeous. gorgeous. gorgeous.

    i can so relate to the house stuff. a cave. yep. hating it. yup. ready to move forward. yep. best to you…it is so hard to live in a place that doesn’t feel like it represents you in anyway.

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