I was pondering success the other day. Sitting in my very own studio, doing what I loved, being able to be at arms length from the kids and work around them made me feel like mosey was in a really good place, I felt happy, balanced and pretty darn successful. And then (because there is ALWAYS an ‘and then’) I realised that I have brand spanking new product that has been waiting for two weeks to be photographed. I attempted to shoot some in situ at a friends house but they didn’t turn out exactly as I imagined in my head, (see above) plus it wasn’t quite light enough. So then I had to wait for Andy to photograph it, at his studio, when the light is right and he has a space in his busy work schedule. And I’m still waiting. I realised I can’t yet afford to pay for a stylist/photographer/studio space at whim and that made me feel very unsuccessful.
But being ‘unsuccessful’ and in limbo definitely has its upside! Apart from getting general orders out on time and a chance to stockpile product, it means I’ve been able to work more on a little something on the side. Inspired by the feathers of Australian birds, I am slowly replicating six different ones in fabric. This slow, quiet and steady project is only in it’s early stages and I’m not sure where it will go, but it’s bringing me great joy.

*Perfectly perfect baby hands and feet supplied by darling little Olive.

3 Responses to Limbo

  1. I’m sure even ‘properly’ successful people feel unsuccessful at times, so I guess it’s just a matter of trying to be satisfied with where we are right now. I think you’re doing a bang up job! And I just adore those feathers… xx

  2. i like your limbo upside! the new feather is adorable – the shaping and gentle colours you’ve replicated are beautiful. i like the sound of your australian bird feather project too and will look forward to seeing more! success is a funny thing and i think it’s holds a different definition for everyone based on personal values and believes. i think if you get to do what you love everyday and be surrounded by the people you love you’ve hit the jackpot x

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