Andy sent me this link the other day from work. It lead me to the Martha Stewart website which made me think initially, why is my husband checking out Martha Stewart whilst at work, is it not enough that he lives with the queen of craft??? I then went on to think perhaps I need to dig up my vintage map of Australia table cloth and get busy with it.

Image via Martha Stewart

I love this idea. Alot. How cool right? But we have nowhere to put a roller blind so I am going to tackle the stretched canvas instead.

Image via Martha Stewart

I laboriously stretched a tea towel for Andy for Christmas. It’s from Makelike, a fantastic design studio in Portland, Oregon (is there anyone/anything that comes out of there that is not totally cool? No didn’t think so). It is super thin Italian linen and was a real task but I did it, so feel as though the thick linen table cloth shouldn’t be too much of a stretch (bwaha!).
Before and after coming soon…

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