To market, to market.

Madeleine: Darling I’m nervous about tomorrow..
Andy: In my opinion this experience is all just part of the fabric of life…
Madeleine: Stop needleing me darling, you know I’m tired
Andy: I’m not! When will you cotton on to the fact that I’m just sew proud of you!
Madeleine: You’re crazy…
Andy: ….and you’re just hanging on by a thread…
Madeleine: Wah!
Andy: A little Scissor Sisters to lift your spirits honey?
Madeleine: My spirits are fine, I think it’s my mind that’s falling apart at the seams…

With the market tomorrow and a sudden feeling of complete and utter shyness and inadequacy, I’m wondering if I should just skip the whole stall thing and go as a customer. Oh. Too late for that? There’s just so many crazy talented people selling their wares I can’t stop thinking about how good the shopping will be.

Pocket Carnival

I’m looking forward to visiting Penny’s┬ástall. Hello to you too cuteness!

Rabbit and The Duck

Shannon’s too. Good enough to eat…

Victoria Mason

Victoria Mason…gush!

Spin Spin

Spin Spin. These cushions have my name all over it.

Little Circus Design

What about Little Circus Design? Gorgeous.

Madz Has Runaway

And knitting needle brooches by Madz Has Runaway
There are so many others….I’m going to have some serious trouble staying behind my table. For the full list visit here. Wish me luck and I’ll see you next week x

Ps. For an excellent interview with the clever ladies behind the market, head here.

3 Responses to To market, to market.

  1. Your faves are my faves!!! I’m a big Pocket Carnival and Madz Has Runaway fan! Such talented, lovely ladies .. . not unlike yourself! x

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