Ok, where to start?

This past week has included some serious family fun. My favorite kind. Sydney was fabulous, we stayed at the olde worlde Australia Hotel (so gorgeously rundown) with my Mama, Granny and 2 beautiful sisters. There was sun and theater (free tickets to opening night of The Threepenny Opera with Eddie Perfect (crush alert!) as Mack the Knife) and shopping and eating and drinking and and and….you get the picture! And if you don’t start scrolling down for some actual pictures. I took great pleasure in photographing my ladies (much happier behind the camera than in front) because we are rarely all together like this. Especially with Granny who despite being extraordinarily spritely, is 85 and lives in South Australia so I don’t see her as often as we all would like. However the weekend was all about Mum. She is my favorite woman in ALL the world and one day I’ll write a post on her and her amazingness. She has had quite a life and has achieved some extra ordinary things. Definitely a story for another time….When we got back (Mum came with us) my niece arrived from Hobart and the last few days have been consumed with observing her and Coco together. Oh my. So hilarious. I had an insight into what it might be like to have twins (they are 4 months apart) and I have new respect for my girlfriend who does actually have twins. Tough gig, but so amazing and wonderful for a child to have a constant companion. And as a parent how gorgeous to watch. Coco will miss Ada with all her heart and I’m sure that feeling will be mutual. Sweet little girls.
It will just be back to the four of us tomorrow and I will try and catch up with my orders. I have a new stockist, Mr Sparrow in Perth which I am super excited about. This shop looks gorgeous and I remember reading about Anna, the owner in Frankie a year or so ago and thinking Mosey and her shop might be a good match. Lucky for me she feels the same way! I also have some very exciting news but I’m waiting for my passport application to be processed (had to change it to my married name so had to start ALL over again) and I don’t want jinx anything. Already I am cutting it fine! Cross fingers today and I will reveal all next week xx

5 Responses to Ok, where to start?

  1. Oh, this is a ridiculous amount of generations of amazing looking females. So glad you had such a fun weekend. Next time it includes me! Kellie xx

  2. Oh what glorious pics of the family. You do a fine job from behind the camera, you know I have total snap envy ;) but I do really hope there was one of ALL the girls (Mads included) for your private pic collection??

    P.S Can’t get over how much Zindzi looks like you in these pics!

  3. Sounds like you had an amazing time – you all look so happy to be reunited! And the girls are super, super adorable together – I’m loving the outfits! Congrats on the new stockist and I’ll be here waiting to hear about this exciting news… x

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