So I’ve mentioned here before how my siblings are all pretty excellent. All doing creative, interesting things but I wanted to talk about my youngest baby sister today because she needs your help. Yes you! Zindzi Okenyo is a talented lass. Kind of a triple threat…actor, singer and photographer. Youch. She’s always sung, but now she, her band and creative team are hoping to release a single and she needs to create a music video clip to accompany that new song and all that costs money which is why they’re doing it here through Pozible.
I hadn’t heard of Pozible before, but now it seems to be popping up everywhere. Otto and I spent ages perusing it’s many, many pages and it honestly made me wish I had a trillion bucks. So many excellent ideas, by all kinds of people that need funding and the nice part is, is that you can feel involved in someone’s creative project on a more personal level.
Broken Chest is a fantastic song. I promise! Obviously I’ve heard the whole thing from start to finish and if it wasn’t awesome, I wouldn’t be talking about it here. I wouldn’t even be talking about it with her. I’d just be avoiding the whole topic altogether. What song? What pozible link? What sort of chest?? Erm…cough….awkward.
Let’s all be grateful that it’s beautiful singing and songwriting at it’s best. Crisis averted.

Let me just point out here that financial support would be nice, Zinz would totally love that but obviously it isn’t always possible and she understands. She’s super chill that way. But maybe you’d like to spread the word (the word being OKENYO) on your preferred social media platform or like her on the OKENYO facebook page or send her a big ‘yo whasssup Zed. Digging your vocal stylezzz!’ via email. Thanks friends xxx

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