Open for inspection

We are still house hunting. Let’s just say the novelty is wearing off. Shame really as we have only looked at a handful of houses in all seriousness. The kids spend the whole time claiming bedrooms as their own, Andy knocks on walls and furrows his brow at ceilings and I am too busy falling in love with every house we see. Especially as the few we have really liked have been owned by one family and have remained virtually unchanged for 40 years and the light fittings have been amazing and never fail to blow my mind and I’m wondering how we can write them into the contract.
And Lord help me if the owner is there, case in point the pocket sized Polish lady who’s whole married life was photographed and proudly displayed on every inch of the wall. A love story laid out for all to see. Well, I’m sold. Andy had to slowly pull me out as I was ready to settle in for a cuppa with said lady and hear her life story.
“But this is the house that love built!” I exclaimed.
“But this is the house that’s sinking into the ground and mushrooms are growing in the bedroom ceiling!” Andy replied. Oh.I can see that this is going to take longer than I anticipated and I seriously need to get my emotions in check. Less falling in love with everything I see and a more critical eye is clearly needed. We went and checked out a place last weekend. My brow was furrowed, cute elderly owner was nowhere in sight and I was coolly detached from the light fittings and awesome wallpaper. It did not pass any of Andy’s our tests and I was able to cross it off without a backwards glance.
Not sure what would have happened if sepia toned photos had of adorned the walls though.

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  1. Madeleine, your stories are so cute, I love them! I can relate to your pain of falling in love with these places. I’ve only seen one apartment and I refuse to look at any more. Its perfect and I am doing everything in my power to make it mine… I hope you find your perfect house soon! What fun! xx
    p.s. the letter you wrote to coco above is so sweet. You need to write it down and keep it for her to cherish when she is older. Such lovely words x

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