Run Otto Run!

And he did! We ended the holidays on a high note. Otto is a super little runner and I can no longer say ‘oh yes it’s just baby weight’ when I have a 3 yr old, so we combined exercise with fun and some charity thrown in for good measure and we did Run Melbourne on the weekend.
We signed up for the 5k a month ago and we’ve been having so much fun, training, beating our pb’s and buying dri-fit items of clothing. Best of all we have been doing it together and I am once again reminded (not that it takes much to be reminded) how much I just adore this son of mine. His company is second to none.
The morning of the run, he couldn’t stop cuddling me, full of nervous energy, a bundle of beans and more than once I looked over at him and felt tears welling and my heart aching for the little man he is becoming. His long skinny legs, the 7 freckles over his nose and the determination in his face to get to the finish line.
We did well, faster than we expected and he raised over $400 for our favorite charity, Save the Children.
I have a tendency to get the winter blues, but I’ve found that by running I can shake the demons loose. The fact that Otto wants to do it and not only is happy to be seen in public with his huffing and puffing mother, is enough to keep me going.

5 Responses to Run Otto Run!

  1. Congratulations! You look superfit and shny darling! otto, you look in tip top shape too xxxx

  2. Congratulations little legs and long legs. Lots of running been going on in our house recently too, our little monkey is up and walking, soooooo proud!

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