It’s been…a week. I’ve had better but in many ways I got lots done. I know, confusing right. I think Andy being in Botswana added the ‘sheesh’ to the week. As in ‘full time working and solo parenting 24 hours a day, 8 days straight at the busiest time of the year? Sheesh!’
I did manage to put my feet up momentarily on Friday afternoon and have some sort of four freckle happy hour, but it only lasted a minute before I had to get onto school/kindy pick ups, feeding/bathing (kids), email answering/file sending (me), before I finally sat down for real and even then I had some hand sewing to finish off.
But finally sweet, sweet bed. Me on the edge, Coco in the middle and Otto in Andy’s spot. Best (restless) nights sleep ever!

2 Responses to Sheesh

  1. Oh Mads – it sounds intense! Is he back? Andy come home and relieve your woman! You would laugh at all the bed hopping shenanigans that’s been going on on our trip. Or maybe you’d cry. Either way, it’s pretty exhausting. Kellie xx

  2. Hey, I have missed your updates for ages! Naughty Goodle Reader cut me off. Now I see you were here all along, I have some serious catching up to do! Coming to Melbourne in March/April. Let’s have a cuppa?

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