That 15 minutes of fame of last week sure took it’s toll on us. We had to get out of town, you know, escape the media scrutiny, the hounding paparazzi. Now I know exactly how Lady Gaga feels. Exactly.Just kidding obviously!I wasn’t kidding about the going away part though. We planned to head to Shoreham a while ago and take the children to The Ashcombe maze. So much fun. We stayed in a friends super little beach house and spent a day out, at the maze, in Red Hill and at the beach. The other day was of the rainy indoors variety and I once again marveled at how inventive the kids are with all their various imaginary games. It was all too brief, but if I’m honest I am happy to be back home. There are orders to send off and exciting emails to answer and all sorts of good work related things happening.

Yep keep laughing at my hair kid.

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