Sister and the city

I’ve been bed-ridden the past couple of days with a nasty virus. Feeling more than a little end-of-year burnt out. But enough of that. I did have a fun Sunday hanging out with Otto and my (Melbourne, not Sydney) sister, doing some Christmas shopping at Markit. It was crazy busy but with so many awesome designers/makers there I managed to do some serious purchasing. Feels so good shopping local at Christmas dontcha think?Andy took Coco to the NGV and after we all met up and I got to take some happy snaps of some of my very favorite people. There is so much love between the kids and their Aunty ‘Cupcakes’ I wish I could bottle it.

….So I’ve been doing some serious thinking whilst lying in bed for the past couple of days. I am feeling quite abit stretched and stressed at the moment. I realise Christmas does this to a lot of people, but having never felt like this prior to having my own business, I can only deduce that Mosey is the main source of my anxiety. It has among other things, outgrown the dining table, our living room and me being the only one sewing. So in order to be more present in my family life this silly season, I have decided not to worry too much about what I haven’t finished and done this year and give myself some space to get organized for next year.
So the etsy shop will be closing very soon and I will finish off my last couple of stockists/custom orders. I may very well even have a chance to sew for fun over the Christmas break. How novel!
The good news is that I will have a giveaway next week of all the Christmas things that didn’t quite make it into the shop. Just to say thank you for reading my (rambling) words and taking the time to comment, for buying my things, talking about my work and just being the best type of non-creepy online friends that a girl could ever wish for.

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  1. Man, there is a whole lot of gorgeous-ness going on in that family of yours. And I agree. Shopping local is the way to go. Hope you manage to ease some of that anxiety and enjoy the lead up to xmas. If that’s even possible..?!

    I have those M Cons. Nice one.

    Ps Any tips on sewing bloomers?

  2. There is so much beautiful going on in these photos. Your sister is divine! And love the converse shot. RAD!

    Take a break Mads, the stress is not worth it. Not when you have a family. Enjoy your time off and can’t wait to see what you end up sewing. xx

  3. A break sounds like just what the doctor ordered. Mosey is so taking off! And do you have, like, the best looking family in the world? Me thinks so. Kellie xx

  4. Enjoy your time out from the hamster wheel! I love these photos, total eye candy. Cute kids, fun fashions and an exquisitely beautiful sister! x

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