See you soon…

I’m off to Sydney this weekend for a double celebration. Firstly my Mama is 60 and we are having a special girls weekend for her, because 60 is so the new 21 and therefore she is still very much a girl. We are also going to see my sis in her new play. Can’t wait!
I do feel a little guilty though that I am not going to be here with Andy and the kids for Father’s Day on Sunday. But Otto and I have put together a bag of treats for him to open and of course what better for a father on Father’s Day than the very act of fathering! I’m wondering if this concept will take off…..? Never fear though, I did organise a very deluxe deep tissue massage voucher (he runs a lot) so he will get a chance to relax. At least for an hour and a half.In other good news, I’m going into the weekend with more things to smile about. After the huge charity high I’ve been on, I doubted this week could get any better but it did. Our best friends Alex and Emma are engaged! They’ve been together for a long time and I guess we weren’t quite sure if it was ever going to happen. But I knew they would! See the wrapping paper below? I bought it a few years ago from an op-shop to specifically wrap their engagement/wedding presents in and have hung onto it waiting for the chance to use it. And this week I was so happy to wrap a couple of little gifts for them in paper that features two young lovers that look just like them. Aww…I’m nuts about love. I love when people are in love and I do love a wedding. I just know it will be a gorgeous one too. Don’t worry, I will be documenting it all here on the blog. But they don’t know that yet so yeah. Shoosh.
Happy weekend everyone xx

4 Responses to See you soon…

  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend of girly celebrations. I love a trip to Sydney and this one sounds extra special. Happy birthday to your mum. Enjoy every minute. x

  2. You bought wrapping paper that looks like your friends on the outside hope they would get engaged?!? Lady you are more than hilarious! Have a great weekend in my town. Hope it’s a blast! Love love love those jonqils in the test tubes. Kellie xx

  3. Oh Madi I love that paper, it so looks like them!! Beautiful. You are so thoughtful. Can’t wait for the wedding!! X

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