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Fun times at the studio this week. After sending off a bunch of orders last week, I vowed to start getting my studio in order as of Monday. I’ve been working non-stop since I moved in and its ramshackled state was making me feel a bit cuckoo.
I have two adjoining rooms, one where my work table and straining shelves of fabric sit and the other, a spare room of sorts, that I have been using for boxes to deal with later. Later came this week and with the help of Amber we sorted everything out. I’m naturally quite a neat person, but confronted with all the ‘crafty’ bits I have accumulated over the years in the one space was quite overwhelming. But confront them I did and after it was done I was left with a spare room that works perfectly as a showroom/display room of sorts.
It really was the mother of all spring cleans….but with rain on the roof. Bah! Melbourne weather! I can’t wait to get back in there tomorrow though and continue with the pretty-fication and then I can invite you all to come and visit.
Other good things this week? Slowly getting through my Design Files Open House order. Tinkering and adding two new Dreamer colour ways to the range. (See above and in store soon!) Sending feather garlands to customers all over the world and receiving a stockist order from an expat who is opening a store in Singapore.
And on a last and completely loved up note, on Tuesday I sent a Bright Balloon to a lovely young man in San Fransisco who was using the basket to hide an engagement ring in. I must admit I squealed when I read his email. Too darn cute!

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