I was lucky enough to have a friend with me in the studio this morning. She’s an especially excellent friend, a quick learner and she brought coffee and cake. She also makes me laugh a lot. It was super lonely after she’d gone and the radio just wasn’t going to cut it for me. So I headed home to get through some emails (and a little blog reading….how on earth am I going to know what’s cool if I don’t check in on veronicalovesarchie?) and prepare for a weekend without Andy. He’s out of town until Sunday and this means me and the kids will fool around, eat some cupcakes and all sleep in together.
I’m going into the weekend excited though. I’m making progress on my hankey cushions. I know I showed you a snippet in the previous post but I thought I’d show you again a bit more close up. This new plan involves Andy (of course! We’re a team dontchaknow!) and a friend who is a textile printer. More soon…
Have a lovely weekend friends xx

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