via Jim Naughten

via Jim Naughten

I am so inspired by the photographic work of Jim Naughten. His portraits are incredible, especially this series on the Herero tribe members of Namibia. Their story is a fascinating one and how wearing these European style patchwork dresses has become part of their tradition is so interesting. I am desperately hanging out for his new book, Hereroes, which will be released next year. In the meantime, I can’t stop looking at the proud faces, beautiful posture, stark landscape and restrained photography. The whole series can be found here.
And now to the ridiculous….To prove I have a long way to go with my photography and clearly need all the inspiration I can get, here are a few portraits of my own tribe. In the holidays, the kids dress up for breakfast. Our dress ups are fairly random as you can see, but no matter, it never seems to stop them. Although I must admit Otto always manages to look quite glamorous but Coco. Poor Coco. I can think of only four words to describe my little lady.
Shane Warne pre-Liz.

5 Responses to Sublime

  1. I just love too much about all of these! Coco and Otto have given me such a laugh. How good is your dress up box with wigs? What on earth is that furry thing Otto’s using as a belt? The photos of the Namibian women truly are extraordinary xx

  2. Contrary to popular belief that it is in fact my last hair cut fashioned into a belt…no. It’s actually a fluffy scarf/feather boa type arrangement!

  3. Dressing up for breakfast during the holidays? That is a fabulous tradition. You must start each day with a chuckle :)

    Love those patchwork dresses as well… oh my!

  4. that is hilarious. good to see those wigs getting a workout. love the Kos shirt too.

    those photos by Jim are breathtaking!

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