What a ball we’ve just had….Back from Sydney after 6 jam packed days. We did so much and all of it rooolly noice and culcha-filled.
We went up specifically to see my awesome sister perform on the opening night of the STC’s Oresteia. She was AMAZING! FIERCE! and she STOLE THE FREAKIN’ SHOW! I was so proud and slightly terrified of her in the role of Clytemnestra, avenging the death of her daughter, pillaging and stabbing her way through the performance. Her boss (Cate Blanchett. Yes THE Cate Blanchett!) was sitting just in front of us and I thought I’d never be able to concentrate on the show sitting behind acting royalty, but I did. In fact I couldn’t take my eyes off Zinz. Spectacular. The Australian newspaper the next day had this to say….
“The text is superb vernacular, visceral and poetic; the staging is austerely striking, full of vivid effects done simply and strongly; and the Residents, the STC’s permanent company of young actors, come into their own with an ensemble performance that is a triumph for them all.”
And Time Out Sydney this….
“The Residents are a skilful and seamless ensemble.¬† Zindzi Okenyo as Clytemnestra radiates an energy that seems to have been transmitted across the millennia. Julia Ohanessian is haunting as abused seer Cassandra. Tahki Saul’s brief appearance as Agamemnon is arresting, and Brett Stiller and Sophie Ross also stand out as the offspring of the dead monarchs.” – Time Out Sydney
We also ended up with tix to the film premiere of The Waiting City as part of the Sydney Film Festival (it’s not what you know, it’s who you know…) and once again spent the evening star spotting.

Andy had stars in his eyes after visiting Cockatoo Island for the Biennale. We went for Jonathan Barnbrook’s work (outstanding ) but ended up really liking so much of the exhibition.

Back to Circular Quay and the MCA with more great Biennale work. Oh and before I forget…Otto managed to have a go steering the ferry back from Cockatoo Island, under the Sydney Harbour Bridge no less! Good manners, insatiable curiosity and a cute-as-pie face will get you far in life it seems!

Other things we did were Carriageworks artisan market (lots of lovely things, but wishing we were there for Finders Keepers), Opera House lit up with abstract visuals as part of VIVID, shopping at The Society Inc (Sibella Court’s beautiful and inspiration-filled store), eating, drinking, hanging with dear friends and generally having one of the best trips away ever. ¬†More please!

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